Case Study: The New National Museum, Statsbygg

System implementation in large-scale construction.

The New National Museum in Oslo is Scandinavia’s largest cultural institution, showcasing extensive art collections, innovative architecture, and integrating modern designs with rich Norwegian heritage.


Project Summary

Statsbygg, The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property

Central Oslo, Norway

11 June 2022

Building Size: 
Base area of 13 000 m² 
Total available area close to 55 000 m²

Estimated Project Cost: 
6 billion NOK

Overview of the project

The New National Museum in Oslo represents a major cultural landmark, located at Vestbanen in central Oslo. The building spans approximately 54 600 square meters, making it the largest museum in Northern Europe. The structure is notable for its modern design and emphasis on sustainability, in line with Norway’s environmental commitments. The museum’s collections range from classical to contemporary art, including iconic Norwegian works like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.” 

Opening in 2022, the project underscores Norway’s commitment to accessibility and innovation in art and culture. The New National Museum serves as a hub for creativity and education, engaging both local communities and international visitors, and reflecting the rich heritage and diversity of Norwegian art. The project was managed by Statsbygg, a Norwegian government agency responsible for building commissioning, property management, and development. 

Navigating the challenges 

Scale of the project
The sheer size and complexity of the The New National Museum, called for an advanced project management tool. 

Adaptation of existing tools to new contexts
Omega 365 was initially designed for the oil and gas sector. Adapting and customizing this tool for the construction industry presented a unique challenge in ensuring that it met the specific needs of the project, including language and expression.

Omega 365's role in the project

About Omega 365

Omega 365 Solutions

Ølensvåg, Norway

Improving project performance

Main products utilized in this project
• BIM and Digital Twin
• Document Management
• Completion Management
• Risk Management
• Contract Management
• Cost Management
Quality Management

In 2016, following a tender process, Omega 365 was selected for The New National Museum project. For the construction sector, Omega 365 offered multi-device access with key contract hierarchy controls for safety and management.

Jon Morten Mo, the Project Manager of Completion at Statsbygg, explained the important role Omega 365’s project management tool had in making the project a reality, stating:

“The expertise, especially among project managers, needed to be elevated to grasp the significance of completion. This led to the creation of a system to facilitate testing.”

This solution enabled the implementation of diverse functionalities, including issue management, status setting, and status reporting within The New National Museum project.

Omega 365 was customized to suit the construction context in terms of language and expression. Contractors who possessed their own tools recognized the value in this adaptation, acknowledging the benefits of aligning with a collectively organized client tool when a personalized solution was lacking.

Summarizing the approach, Mo said: “Thinking about the end goal right from the start guided us throughout the whole project. Omega 365 didn’t just help us envision this end goal; it was instrumental in our path towards achieving it.”

Statsbygg employed various tools within Omega 365 to construct the new National Museum, each serving a specific purpose. Mo particularly emphasized the documentation compilation system related to management, operation, and maintenance data, known as FDV data, explaining:

“The FDV data is collected systematically and made accessible promptly, allowing suppliers to provide us with data that we can arrange more efficiently.”

This structured approach to FDV data carries lasting significance, extending beyond Statsbygg’s usual 60-year depreciation period. Predicting a 300-year lifespan for the structure further highlights the value of well-organized data.

Guiding the completion process, Statsbygg created the “Statsbygg Method”, a manual that not only streamlined construction but also underscored vital strategies and tools; these tools included the Building Information Modeling (BIM) viewer, reverse planning, and systematic FDV data collection. Along with Omega 365’s involvement, these measures bolstered the efficiency and longevity of the project, underlining a future-focused, collaborative approach.

Sustainability in Omega 365

Omega 365 maintains a dedication to ongoing sustainable practices, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The company’s strength lies in innovative software development and the provision of expert client support. The software developed by Omega 365 is designed to assist in eco-friendly projects, effectively reducing resource use and pollution. 

The New National Museum in Oslo reflects a commitment to sustainability, incorporating thoughtful design, responsible material use, and energy efficiency to contribute to a positive impact.

Economic aspects of the project

Incorporating advanced technology like Omega 365 into construction projects, such as the New National Museum, yields significant financial benefits. Features like real-time tracking, efficient data handling, and issue management enhance cost efficiency throughout the project. 

Customizing technology to match specific construction needs and goals ensures seamless integration with existing workflows. This tailored approach can help eliminate inefficiencies, thereby reducing costs.