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The Kristiansund office is expanding

The Omega 365 office in Kristiansund is preparing for further growth in 2023. “These are exciting times, and we are expanding. This summer, we are moving office,” says Department Manager Christian Ryther Enaasen.

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One supplier, one contract, one solution

Save time and money by implementing a single solution that covers all disciplines throughout the project life cycle. With only one supplier, one IT infrastructure, and pre-defined interfaces between the modules that can easily be configured, our solutions enable efficient and cost-effective administration.

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New project positions daily

Clients trust Omega 365 to fill many of the most exciting project positions in the oil and gas, constructions, renewables, subsea, and IT sectors. We offer new opportunities daily and fill client positions on an ongoing basis.

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Experience the Omega 365 Advantage

Inside Omega 365 you will become an integral part of our global knowledge network, gain access to our unique employee benefits program, and share in an inclusive workplace culture that crosses borders and areas of expertise.

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Latest news

Advantage Program 2023

31. December 2023

Many of Omega 365’s Advantage Events for 2023 have been confirmed, and we once again have an exciting program to look forward to. Keep reading to find out more about what 2023 has in store.

Omega 365 Consulting Visits Asia

17. March 2023

Consultant Managers, Helge Tvedt, Pablo Tveita, and Johannes Eide from Omega 365 Consulting recently visited Asia to strengthen existing relationships and establish new collaborations with clients and consultants.


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