Gain complete overview of project, operations, and asset management

Omega 365 ensures a holistic approach to asset management, providing all the necessary tools in a single, user-friendly platform. By enabling efficient data access and management, it supports informed decision-making and fosters the optimal utilization of assets, from the planning phase through to operation and maintenance.

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Asset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of an asset, from capital planning, procurement, installation, performance, maintenance, compliance, risk management, to asset disposal.

BIM is an integrated solution for Facility Management (FM), emphasizing efficiency and clarity in asset monitoring. Central to its functionality is lease management, enabling streamlined planning, tracking, renewals, and compliance.

Operations and Maintenance

Manage both proactive and reactive maintenance activities along with a streamlined workflow for ad-hoc actions. Integrated with a BIM view, the solution provides a unified visual overview, ensuring informed decisions and comprehensive resource monitoring.

Empower field operators to receive real-time task assignments, perform maintenance, and easily report improvements while on the go.



Maintain control over the subprocesses of strategic development, project establishment and execution, systematic completion, and handover by having a clear and straightforward reporting of the entire portfolio of programs, individual projects, and property portfolio development.


Facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration across geographically dispersed teams. Everyone on a team knows where the data is located.

Easily navigate to updated information, where project data is at the heart of the process and delivered to the workspace. This makes the workflow more efficient and effective, especially when combined with the visualization, analytical, and real-time information features in the BIM view.


Data connected 3D viewer

Utilize a single source of data for the entire project lifecycle. Data is extracted from all project and asset data within Omega 365.

Omega 365 Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Key features

Cloud-based scalability

Portfolio overview

Property management

Operational optimization


Interactive 2D model

Transform your design experience with our interactive 2D models, offering a dynamic alternative to traditional PDF drawings, and enabling detailed exploration directly derived from your 3D models

World-class 3D viewer

Bringing your asset designs to life with exceptional detail and immersive interactivity

Live data

Seamlessly explore 2D or 3D with live data connectivity, bringing real-time insights and updates directly into your viewer for a fully integrated experience

Clipping and Measures

Our clipping and measuring features enables precise evaluations and detailed cross-section views of your models.

View Profiles

Easily create, save, and share view profiles, streamlining collaboration and ensuring consistent, focused visual perspectives across your team


Enhance collaboration and communication with our markup capabilities in 2D, allowing for direct annotation, feedback, and idea exchange right on your models

CAD Light

Empowering you to add, remove, or move objects within your models, enhancing your design process with dynamic adaptability

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Per Olav Stenberg

Per Olav Stenberg

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Nicolai Vikanes Stensland

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