Fully integrated platform for managing projects and assets

Experience the power of an integrated data-driven solution where teams and information are connected.

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Improving performance across industries

Industrial Construction

Building Construction

Infrastructure Construction

Facilities Management

Primary Business Advantages


Enhanced Collaboration


Increased Efficiency


Improved Quality


Improved Decision-Making

Omega 365 - An integrated solution for Project and Asset Management

Structured Data Organization for Enhanced Visibility

Organize your data systematically, promoting transparency within your teams and enabling them to effectively monitor, manage, and optimize crucial workflows.

Our solution is designed with longevity in mind, aligning perfectly with the lifespan of your projects and assets.


Leveraging BIM for Effective Asset Management

BIM (Building Information Modeling) enhances user experience by integrating the digital representation of the asset with related documents, activities, workflows, and teams across the entire solution spectrum. Spanning from design and engineering to construction and operations.

With successful BIM processes and systems, you can establish a clear project vision that supports business outcomes before design commences or work begins on site. BIM also allows you to continuously react and improve during the project phase.

Cloud for Secure and Reliable Data Management

Engineered with native cloud technology our solution provides the assurance of accessible, reliable, and secure data management.

By utilizing Microsoft Azure's advanced hybrid technology, we offer to also deploy Omega 365 directly to your on-premise data center.


Harnessing Integration for Business Optimization

Benefit from an integrated system that ties together your data and teams, improving collaboration and oversight.

With real-time status updates and accurate data at their fingertips, your teams can make informed decisions about projects and assets.

Our platform empowers teams to seamlessly view, share, and contribute across the entire solution without the need for specialized systems, fostering smoother workflows and more efficient processes.

Product introduction videos

Product introduction videos

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