Operations and Maintenance

Omega 365’s operations and maintenance project personnel are always prepared for new challenges and tasks. Building on extensive experience from previous projects, our project personnel is well-equipped to handle operations and maintenance projects from several sectors.

Omega 365 has delivered project personnel to large-scale projects for different clients since 1994. Building on years of experience and a global expansion, Omega 365 now delivers personnel to a range of sectors and disciplines.

Vital to every project is the aspect of making the operations manageable and to drive them forward, and maintenance is a crucial procedure that ensures the HSE, QA and Risk aspects of the project. Our operations and maintenance personnel ensures that every process is handled the right way and projects are completed swiftly.

Trust Omega 365’s long history in the industry and experience with providing the right project personnel, and let our skilled Department Managers match the right people to your project.

Areas of expertise