Exploration and Drilling

Serving this unique field, Omega 365 can boast experienced and skilled personnel for the job. Our past projects in oil & gas and mining industries allow us to provide the right personnel for the job.

With Omega 365’s experience from the oil & gas, and mining industry, we provide our clients with the project personnel needed for exploration and drilling. Omega 365 has over 20 years’ experience in the field and serves projects both at home and abroad.

Providing personnel within the disciplines of Geophysical Engineers and specialists, Geologists, Reservoir Engineers, Drilling engineers and specialists, Well completion engineers and operations personnel, Omega 365 covers a majority of the required areas for projects within Exploration and Drilling.

Delivering both project personnel and our software solutions for this industry, Omega 365 has the experience needed to combine the right people with the job. Our Department Managers have a good foothold within the area and are ready to help our clients with their staffing needs.

Areas of expertise