Omega 365’s construction personnel provide the competency and services our clients need to bring their projects to life. Since the mid-1990s, Omega 365 has delivered project personnel for a range of large-scale projects within the oil and gas industry to clients across the world.

With Omega 365’s expertise on Project Personnel, and our personnel’s knowledge and expertise, we help our clients bring their projects to life. With experience from the oil and gas and other sectors, our personnel is well equipped and ready to take on new challenges.

Having served different sectors with project personnel and the Pims software systems for over 20 years, Omega 365 boasts experience and knowledge of the processes involved. We ensure our clients get the best service to enable progress and development of their projects.

Omega 365 has offices serving our clients across the world and delivers skilled construction personnel to exciting projects within different sectors. Given Omega 365’s global expansion and reach, the company is better equipped to serve clients wherever they require our expertise.

Areas of expertise