Streamlined recruitment with internship program

In a strategic move to enhance its recruitment and onboarding process, Omega 365 USA launched two paid internship programs in 2022, designed to foster talent and seamlessly integrate interns into full-time roles.

Published: 20. October 2023
From the left: President of Omega 365 USA, Øyvind Vik, William Martin, Kevin Marquez, Rishabh Sharda, and Department Manager Noura El-Moughny.

“With unemployment at a five-decade low, attracting talent to your organization is more challenging than ever before. Together with my colleagues D. Young Hoang and Noura El-Moughny, we set out to streamline our own recruitment and onboarding process here in Houston, and we established two structured internship programs,” says President of Omega 365 USA, Øyvind Vik. 

Guided by System Department Managers D. Young Hoang and Noura El-Moughny, the eight-week Developer and Analyst Internship Programs offer participants valuable insights and hands-on experience with Omega 365's systems. Interns apply these solutions to real-world problems, honing their problem-solving skills using Omega 365 and Pims R4. 

“Our goal is to nurture talent to fill full-time positions of Associate Analyst or Junior Systems Engineer at Omega 365 USA. This approach allows us to assess interns over an extended period, while interns practice role responsibilities and experience our culture to determine if it aligns with their career aspirations,” says Department Manager Noura El-Moughny. 

“The contributions of these individuals bring positive energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to our organization,” Noura continues.  

Hands-on learning 

Former intern and recent graduate Shantel Vivar shares, “Google led me to an internship opportunity at Omega 365 that aligned with my career aspirations in business analysis and software development. The mentorship provided by Noura El-Moughny, D. Young Hoang, and Øyvind Vik was invaluable in guiding me toward my ideal career path.” 

Assignments in the programs range from crafting simple web-based applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to building comprehensive databases and enterprise-grade applications using Omega 365. Participants in the analyst internship program get to learn the various modules of the Omega 365 software solution, conduct workshops and presentations, as well as configuring the solution to fit specific requirements. 

“The internship facilitated my growth from intern to overseeing data migration for a client within seven months,” adds Shantel. “I have experienced significant career growth since October 2022, thanks to the mentorship and teamwork at Omega.” 

Tai Quach, a Computer Science student at the University of Houston Downtown, describes his internship as pivotal, complementing his studies. Tai developed a University Management System from scratch, deepening his understanding of both front-end and back-end development. 

“This internship was transformative, equipping me with the skills and knowledge for a career in software development and instilling a passion for continuous learning. I’m thankful for this opportunity and eager to apply the lessons learned to future endeavors in technology,” says Tai. 

Tai Quach, to the left, describes his internship as pivotal, complementing his studies. Here he is photographed together with Jesse Alvarez.

Unlocking career opportunities 

Noura El-Moughny believes in the potential of each internship cycle as Omega 365 USA expands its team.  

“We plan to offer the program twice a year. We participate in career fairs, visit universities, and are currently in the process of recruiting for our 2024 internship offerings,” she says. 

“Our internship programs provide us with a consistent flow of skilled talent and offer candidates an in-depth understanding of our company culture, values, and operations, as well as an introduction to their potential coworkers and day-to-day responsibilities. Since the start of the program seven participants from the programs joined the team in full-time positions, and we are looking forward to welcoming many more,” says Øyvind Vik. 

To apply for the 2024 internship program, please go to:  

- Software Developer Interns

- Omega 365 Analyst Interns

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