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Ready for a new phase in Manager role

Bryan Wazbinski has recently joined Houston's management team as Manager in the Systems Division. Drawing on his experience across various industries, he possesses a passion for continuous improvement, collaboration, and individual growth. With this dedication, he aims to foster growth within his team.

In his role as Manager in the Systems Division, Bryan Wazbinski will be working closely with developers within Omega 365, guiding them towards achieving both individual and collective objectives.

“I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and sharing the experiences I've gained throughout my career. Growing up in various parts of the industry and working across different sectors has provided me with a diverse perspective that I'm always eager to share.” 

Bryan's professional journey began in heavy manufacturing, where he took on several operational leadership roles. This foundation in hands-on management prepared him for a transition to Omega 365. Having served as a Management Consultant at one of the oil and gas supermajors for more than six years, he is no stranger to the complexities of the industry. 

While managing his responsibilities in his former role, Bryan is now in the process of transitioning to his new position in Omega 365 USA's Systems Division. By the end of the year, he will have gradually assumed full control of his duties there. 

Reflecting on his career shift, Bryan explains, “Interestingly, my journey began while working as a consultant in Houston on a significant project in March 2020. I was collaborating closely with Omega 365, particularly on their system, Pims R4,” he recounts. 

During this period, Bryan not only had the chance to attend staff meetings and grand openings for Omega 365's Houston office but also to share his ideas. He fostered relationships with the Omega 365 team, an opportunity that would later pave the way for his career shift. 

“I had also been working directly with Shane Butt, Vice President of Business Development in Omega 365 USA, and then I had the opportunity to present some ideas at a local staff meeting for the Omega 365 office,” Bryan recalls. 

This partnership opened the door to discussions with Øyvind Vik, President at Omega 365 USA, regarding a full-time position. 

“About 3.5 years into the project, I transitioned to Omega 365,” Bryan says. “That move was more than just a change of employer; it signaled a new phase in my professional journey and the opportunity to move away from the sometimes-unstable consultant role to a more permanent position.” 

Looking ahead, Bryan continues, “My role has grown since then. Besides focusing on my primary client, I'm working closely with Shane over the next year or so, where I'll be gradually taking on account management responsibilities.” 

Looking to the future 

As new challenges lie ahead, Bryan's goals are set. “As I look ahead, my excitement about joining the Omega 365 team is amplified by the new challenges. My focus isn't just on growing the business; I'm also keen on personal and professional development. Being someone who thrives on learning, I'm constantly seeking opportunities to learn new things and make improvements. My primary goal is to enhance our organization, foster professional growth, and support our staff.” 

In his role, Bryan will be working closely with developers within Omega 365, guiding them towards achieving both individual and collective objectives.  

“Building the team within Omega 365 is about more than numbers. It's about fostering a culture where each team member feels valued and empowered. My vision extends beyond revenue growth. I'm committed to cultivating growth from a personal perspective as well, recognizing that our collective success is rooted in individual development and fulfillment.” 

His varied background, including manufacturing, the steel and chemical industries, and consulting, provides a diverse toolkit for his new role.  

“Along with this varied experience, I'm bringing a passion for continuous improvement and a broad perspective to Omega 365, which has been shaped by my work with large organizations.” 

A new phase with Omega 365 

The transition to Omega 365 has enabled Bryan to expand his role. He is involved in account management, business development, and even guides the implementation of ISO standards in Houston, specifically the 27001 for information security management and the 9001 for quality system standardization. 

“Our colleagues in Norway recently received their ISO certifications, so we're learning from their experience and successes,” he explains. “I'm working with my colleague to create a checklist, and we're collaborating on this project together.” 

Reflecting on his past, Bryan continues, “In my previous role during the late '90s, I guided the ISO quality systems when everything was primarily managed on paper. Now, I'm excited to leverage the technology we have at our disposal, constructing robust quality and information security management systems using our digital tools.” 

Passion for continuous improvement 

Beyond his professional life, Bryan enjoys personal development. As an enthusiast in cycling, reading, cooking, and nutrition, he applies the principles of quality and continuous improvement to his personal life as well. 

“I just finished a cycling ride this morning. So, I do a lot of cycling here in town in Houston, and I like to travel for cycling as well. I like to go to different locations that have mountains to climb, such as California or Utah. So that's a big passion of mine” he says.  

What ties these interests together is the philosophy that Bryan embraces in his everyday life. 

“I talk about quality and continuous improvement not only at work but also in my personal life” he emphasizes.   

Øyvind Vik, President of Omega 365 USA, expresses his enthusiasm for Bryan's new role within the company. 

“Bryan brings a unique skill set combination to our management team – a strong operational leadership background coupled with top-tier consulting experience.” 

With the business growing and a significant transition ahead, Bryan is eager to start this new phase. As he concludes, “It's exciting times.”