Six new certifications of competency

Six apprentices successfully completed their certifications of competency this week. “This is a very good way to recruit,” says Vidar Nordnes, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions in Haugesund.

Published: 24. April 2024
Arvid Wedtstein, Aleksander Vaage, Benjamin Kulshamar Osnes, Tor Inge Mokleiv, William Eriksen Ingebrigtsen, and Dennis Magnussen have completed two years as IT developer apprentices at Omega 365 Solutions' offices in Haugesund and Ølensvåg.

“We focus more on what people are eager to learn rather than what they already know,” says Nordnes, highlighting that the apprentices in the company are engaged, eager to learn, and asking good questions, which benefits Omega 365 Solutions when recruiting future talent. 

Impressed by the apprentices

Aleksander Vaage, Arvid Wedtstein, Benjamin Kulshamar Osnes, Dennis Magnussen, Tor Inge Mokleiv, and William Eriksen Ingebrigtsen have completed two years as IT developer apprentices at Omega 365 Solutions' offices in Haugesund and Ølensvåg. This group marks the first set of apprentices that Department Manager Vidar Nordnes has guided to their certifications of competency, and it will not be the last. 

“We welcomed three new apprentices last year, and another three joined us this year. Additionally, we're bringing in an apprentice in IT operations, something we haven't had in Haugesund before,” Nordnes explains. 

He is impressed by the knowledge and competence demonstrated by the apprentices. 

“They are often very good at picking up knowledge about new technologies,” he says. 

Good recruitment

The years with apprentices have been enlightening, and Nordnes is clear that this is one of the many ways to effectively recruit the right expertise for the company's future. 

“It’s very exciting to follow the apprentices on their journey, and they have brought us a lot of valuable expertise. In many ways, these are young individuals who you get to accompany into adulthood; that’s something new for us,” he says, pointing out that the formal title of Skilled Worker in IT Development only becomes effective mid-June, after the apprentices have been with the company for two years. 

Inspiring others

The apprentice success at Omega 365 Solutions in Haugesund has become well-known, and several department offices within the group, as well as high schools, are now reaching out to learn more about how to establish a successful apprenticeship program in IT development. This interest is likely due to the company receiving the title of 'Apprentice Company of the Year' in Rogaland earlier this year. 

“We’ve been focused on making sure the apprentices are involved in what’s happening. I handle the formal academic responsibilities for all the apprentices Omega 365 Solutions has in Rogaland, but it’s the instructors in the various departments who provide day-to-day guidance. It seems to be working well,” Vidar Nordnes believes.