Apprentice meeting with Erna Solberg

Just twenty-four hours after successfully completing his examination for the Certificate of Competency in IT development, Omega 365 Solutions apprentice Tor Inge Mokleiv had the opportunity to celebrate his achievement with the leader of the opposition and former Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.

Published: 25. April 2024
Apprentice in Omega 365 Solutions, Tor Inge Mokleiv, leader of the opposition, Erna Solberg and apprentice in DeepOcean AS, Maricris Cortez Skålnes. Photo: Kristian Risanger.

“I received a call 30 minutes before heading into my examination that Erna Solberg wanted to meet with me the next day and hear about my experiences as a graduating apprentice in Omega. So you can say I had a little extra pressure to perform! Thankfully it all went well,” Mokleiv jokes as he reflects on a special couple of days.

Solberg, who was visiting several educational institutions in the Haugaland region of Norway, took the opportunity to meet three lucky apprentices and staff at OKSS Opplæringskontor (The Training Office for Sales and Service/IT) to gain insight into the IT development stream, the reasons apprentices chose this path, and its relevance for the business community.

Tor Inge Mokleiv greeting Erna Solberg. Photo: Kristian Risanger.

Someone must lead 

Under the presentation title “Someone must lead”, CEO for the IT streams at the training office, Silje Sandven, explained that Mokleiv and his five graduating apprentice colleagues at Omega’s office in Haugesund were part of the first class of apprentices to complete trade certificate examinations in IT development.

“They have made a bold choice, as we didn’t know how the business community would respond to this new path. But Omega has truly stepped forward and shown that this program is highly relevant, currently having 11 apprentices in Rogaland within IT development. They may also have the most in Norway,” Sandven explained to Solberg.

From coding club to Omega 

During a short presentation for the former Prime Minister, Mokleiv explained that his interest in IT was first sparked in Kodeklubben (coding club) in sixth grade and solidified the following year as he competed in the First LEGO League, programming LEGO robots and gaining acclaim as one of the most successful and youngest teams in the national competition.

“Based on my growing interest, I chose to study Information Technology and Media Production, and with Omega HQ in Ølensvåg just 15 minutes from home, I thought, why not ask if there was an opportunity there for me? I was met with enthusiasm, started as a student intern a few days later, and was offered an apprenticeship opportunity soon after.”

Apprentice Company of the Year 

When asked about his experience at Omega 365 and being part of the Apprentice Company of the Year in Rogaland, Mokleiv echoed the sentiments Solberg had just seen in a video about Omega’s apprentice program.

“At Omega, we are treated like all other employees. I have plenty of responsibilities, I attend client meetings, I contribute to the development of a product that is utilized by some of the biggest corporations in Norway, as well as smaller companies.”

Mokleiv expressed a desire to continue working at Omega while also explaining to Solberg that he was interested in exploring further educational opportunities, especially in a flexible manner where he could work and study simultaneously.

“And how did you celebrate passing your trade examination yesterday?” asked Solberg.

“I celebrated by relaxing,” explained Mokleiv with a smile, which was met with understanding laughter from the former Prime Minister.