New Department Managers in Haugesund

Kjell Vihovde and Sveinung Trygg have recently stepped into their roles as Department Managers at Omega 365 Consulting, aiming to enhance Omega 365 Consulting's position in Haugesund.

Published: 11. April 2024
From the left: Sveinung Trygg and Kjell Vihovde, Department Managers at Omega 365 Consulting.

Both began their roles as Department Managers at the beginning of the new year and feel they have swiftly adapted to the culture and day-to-day operations at Omega 365 Consulting. 

“We are very impressed by how easy it is to fit into this company, there is a very open and inclusive culture here,” says Vihovde, supported by Trygg.

“There's a lot of potential here. We found ourselves in a leadership meeting very early, and it was great to see everyone participating so openly in the discussions.”

Starting with recruitment

Vihovde has experience from the offshore industry and Human Resources, while Trygg has spent the last ten years in roles as a personnel coordinator and in sales. They are both eager to lend their expertise to strengthen Omega 365 Consulting's department in Haugesund.

“We have been very well received by the team in Haugesund, and are excited about what lies ahead. We have already connected with and presented some candidates,” says Trygg.

“The systems we operate within are also very clear and effective, which makes the job easier,” Vihovde believes.

The Haugesund department is already well underway with recruitment, but the office officially opens in the summer.

Creating trust

To excel as a Department Manager, both believe it's crucial to genuinely enjoy working with people and to constantly look for good opportunities.

“I think our background is relevant because of our experience in Human Resources. We're used to reviewing CVs and matching the right person with the right position,” says Trygg.

Vihovde agrees, adding that the most important thing is to get in touch with new people and talk to those who might be suitable for various positions.

“Building trust is important, so that the candidate feels confident in both you as the Department Managers and Omega 365 as an employer. The most important thing is to maintain the relationship,” they emphasize.

About Omega 365 Consulting AS

Omega 365 Consulting, with offices in Stavanger, Ølensvåg, Haugesund, Oslo, and Bergen, is the Norwegian arm of Omega 365’s consulting business. The company provides personnel in areas of expertise such as engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, subsea, and maritime operations, for projects in oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, construction, buildings, and more.

With over 950 colleagues in Omega 365 Consulting AS, the company is part of the Omega 365 Group, which employs more than 2200 people globally and is growing. The Omega 365 Group operates within three main areas: software solutions, consulting, and subsea services.