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Omega 365 USA joins the NIRMA Symposium

Omega 365 USA strengthened its industry connections by participating in the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) Symposium this August.

From left to right: Pamela Fergen Sr. Manager RMDC (Record Management and Document Control), TerraPower;  Derrick Madison, Document Controller, TerraPower; Andrea Hill, Project Manager - TerraPower; Gill Brueckner RMDC Manager, TerraPower, Young Hoang, Department Manager - Omega 365; Michael Riddle Natrium Design Engineer, TerraPower.

Omega 365 USA participated in the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) Symposium, held from August 7th to 9th. D. Young Hoang, Department Manager, represented Omega 365 USA at the event.

The Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) is a non-profit organization that specializes in the management of information and records related to the nuclear industry. Founded in 1977, NIRMA provides a platform for professionals working in nuclear information management to collaborate, share best practices, and stay informed about industry regulations and standards. 

“I was informed about the Nuclear Information and Records Management Association (NIRMA) during our implementation of EDMS (Pims R4 DCS) with TerraPower, and through their NQA-1 qualification process,” recalls D. Young Hoang. 

TerraPower is a nuclear energy technology company based in Bellevue, Washington, United States. Founded in 2006, the company has been committed to creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the field of nuclear energy.  

In April of 2022, TerraPower contracted with Omega 365 USA to provide their new Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). This collaboration marked a significant milestone for Omega 365, integrating our technology with the leading nuclear innovation company for the first time.  

“Nuclear Energy and other large scale energy projects share many similar complex project management challenges, and with over thirty years’ experience solving such challenges we were uniquely positioned to quickly add value to TerraPower’s needs. Now we look forward to contributing further to the industry through our participation with the NIRMA community,” says Øyvind Vik, President of Omega 365 USA.  

“Since TerraPower is our first nuclear client, attending and joining a symposium dedicated to the matter was highly beneficial. Moreover, since our project team mostly had operated virtually throughout the implementation, it was an excellent opportunity to meet the client face-to-face and learn more about their needs,” Hoang added. 

Natrium SMRs project overview by Eric Williams, VP Senior Vice President & Design Authority at TerraPower.