Omega 365 Protek launches new website

Omega 365 Protek has launched their new website, showcasing their range of services and their role as a total project supplier.

Published: 10. May 2024
The website provides an in-depth look into the diverse sectors the company serves, covering all phases of project lifecycles.

Omega 365 Protek, formerly known as PDS Protek, changed their name in 2023. Established in 1991, the company has offices in Haugesund and Sauda, and provides engineering and project services, as well as consultancy services, to a variety of clients. The company provides tailored roles to enhance adaptability and efficiency in project delivery. Through the website, both existing and potential clients can gain insights into how Omega 365 Protek can meet their specific needs.

Explore the services and opportunities presented by Omega 365 Protek by visiting the new website.