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Meeting youth at The Convention

Several hundred youths gathered for the computer party, The Convention, in Braatthallen in Kristiansund, Norway, at the start of October. Omega 365 was one of the contributors at the event, and offered competitions to the participants.

“This year we had two competitions, respectively in Minecraft Redstone, a creative logic competition, and Robocode, an AI programming game,” says Håvard Skjevling, system developer in Omega 365 Solutions at the Kristiansund office.

System developer in Omega 365 Solutions, Håvard SkjevlingThere are around 200 young people who gather in the Braathallen during The Convention. The event goes on for four days, and the participants bring their own gaming equipment and meet for gaming and competitions. The event attracts several corporate sponsors within different sectors and offers an opportunity to establish contact with youth in the local community.

“This gives us good exposure towards the, the participants, their parents, and in the local media, while at the same time we achieve contact with any community with interest for programming in the city,” concludes Håvard.

In addition to Håvard, apprentices Beng Fey and David Hasselø represented Omega 365.

Omega 365 sponsors the event annually and will also be participating in next year's event.