Students visit Omega 365 in Ølensvåg

Students in their third year at Ølen High School were invited to visit several businesses in the municipality Vindafjord, Norway, including Omega 365. The initiative, called “Rulling med russen”, aims to provide the students with information about local career opportunities before they start higher education.

Published: 14 November 2023

During their visit to Omega 365, the students received a short presentation, which covered the company’s history, various subsidiary companies, and the welfare program Advantage. 

Following the presentation, the students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Omega 365 Admin, Omega 365 Areal, Omega 365 Design, and Omega 365 Solutions. Each company talked about the different services they offer, their typical workdays, the competencies they often seek in potential employees, and more. 

To conclude the visit, the students participated in a friendly competition where the winning team received Omega 365 merchandise as a prize. 

In addition to Omega 365, the students also visited Helgevold, Autostore, Hatteland, Westcon, and Berge Sag, all of which are prominent businesses in the Vindafjord region.