Strong advancements at Omega 365 Consulting

Omega 365 Consulting is stronger than ever. After the acquisition of PDS Consult at the turn of the year, they have significantly increased their consultant staff, and now have a total of 200 vacant positions available.

Published: 13 March 2024
General Manager Leon Dyngeland and Head of Department Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen are optimistic about the future of Omega 365 Consulting. They now have as many as 200 vacancies.

“This has been a good and smooth transition. Now we have got several new department managers in Omega 365 Consulting and not least 75 new consultants on the team,” says Department Manager for Omega 365 Consulting, Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen.

Omega 365 Consulting has established an office in Haugesund, with the official opening scheduled for this summer.

They have already established an office in Haugesund, and there will also be an official opening this summer. The goal is to get closer to all the major businesses in Haugesund and become more visible to the local business community there.

“Both PDS Consult and Omega 365 Consulting have shared much of the same philosophy where it is, among other things, important to meet people face to face. We have also previously worked with some of the same companies, and we knew each other well, which has probably also led to this merger going so well,” says Løhaugen, referring to the fact that those who previously worked at PDS and who are now moving over to Omega 365 are a very important resource for the company.

“Here we must mention Kjersti Torsen, who was the Manager for PDS Consult and who now becomes a very important team member for us moving forward,” she asserts. 

Important to meet the Consultants

For Omega 365 Consulting, a clear goal was to establish strong and close contact with the new consultants early in the process. Therefore, the company invited consultants to lunch meetings in Oslo, Haugesund, Stavanger, and Bergen.

“It's important for us to meet the consultants where they work and share our thoughts on the future and the opportunities we can offer. It has also been crucial that the consultants have the chance to ask questions about what they're curious about regarding the acquisition and the future. Now, we have greater capacity to integrate more consultants into our system, which is great” says Leon Dyngeland.

On March 1, he started as General Manager of Omega 365 Consulting.

"We have a good reputation in the market and good trust among clients. They keep coming to us with new projects," says Dyngeland. 

In the future, Omega 365 Consulting's customers will realize major projects in offshore wind, renewables, and gas.

"We have a network and expertise that our customers need today. Consultants come to us. Our goal is for growth to continue in 2024," says Dyngeland.

In addition to continuing in his role as Department Manager for Stavanger, he is now taking over the helm as general manager. He is currently based at the head office in Ølensvåg, and spends one day a week in Stavanger. New Department Managers will be recruited there, in line with the company's ambition to be even more visible in a region with several major customers.

"We are now looking for people with experience who can help build the company further," says Dyngeland.

He points out that there's a huge demand for consultants in several industries, and that Omega 365 Consulting now has 200 available positions. The need spans across oil and gas, green energy, as well as construction and infrastructure.

“There's a significant demand for our projects with our clients, both domestically and internationally. We've now strengthened our setup so that we can more easily bring in more consultants, get them to work, and most importantly, match the right consultant with the right project,” says Dyngeland.

Head of Department Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen is pleased with the exciting developments at Omega 365 Consulting.

“Many companies also contact us directly because the market is strong, and they've heard about what we can offer. Above all, we thrive on satisfied customers and our consultants recommending the opportunities within the Omega 365 system to others,” Løhaugen shares.

Leon Dyngeland points out that the department managers have done a great job in welcoming the new consultants to the company.

“We share with PDS Consult the goal of always maintaining a high level of service for our consultants. This obliges us and creates expectations, but we hope the consultants feel the transition has been smooth and that they can thrive in the Omega 365 system.”

“We need to focus on presenting new opportunities to our consultants early on; otherwise, we risk losing talented individuals. As we move into spring, there will be many exciting new projects we'll be competing for, which I believe will be very beneficial,” says Dyngeland.

If a consultant refers other consultants who then get placed in projects, the referring consultant receives 10,000 NOK that they can donate to an organization of their choosing.

Major recruitment effort

Section Manager Jan Bauge and General Manager Leon Dyngeland firmly believe that the acquisition of PDS Consult has strengthened the company for the future.

Dyngeland is clear that the recruitment effort will be the most important task for Omega 365 Consulting in 2024.

“We need to keep pace with the high demand out there, especially, I believe there will be many exciting positions within renewable and green energy, but also in oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, and the health sector,” he says.

Tore Skiftestad is the Department Manager for Omega 365 Consulting in Oslo and is one of those who joined from PDS Consult.

“I was very positive about this acquisition since we are now part of a much larger company, which has more framework agreements and a larger setup to accommodate more consultants than we could before. This gives us greater opportunities in the market,” he believes, pointing out that reputation in the industry is crucial for securing new contracts.

“When you're as big as Omega 365, you have a much better chance of attracting many consultants, but also larger clients.”