Spotlight: Terje Lunde

Celebrates his jubilee in Omega 365 Areal

“I believe that the customer is always right,” says architectural engineer in Omega 365 Areal, Terje Lunde, who is celebrating 25 years in the company.

Just over 25 years ago, he started in what eventually became known as Omega 365 Areal. Together with former colleagues at construction and wood product manufacturer Berge Sag, Terje Lunde contributed to the start of Omega Ingeniør- og arkitekttjenester in 1997, which was the company's first name. He had worked for a number of years in the company Berge Sag, where he designed both houses and cabins in the 1980s and 1990s. However, eventually, they were ready to start their own business. 

  • Name: Terje Lunde
  • Age: 67
  • From: Ølensvåg, Norway   
  • Omega focus: Celebrates his jubilee in Omega 365 Areal         
  • Location: Ølensvåg, Norway

“We had some visions and got it up and running,” says Terje.

After much hesitation, Terje agreed to be interviewed for Inside Omega. After graduating as a civil engineer at Stavanger Technical School, Terje has taken part in a journey as both a designer and an entrepreneur. Technical drawing and architecture were his big passions from day one. What began with three colleagues and eventually a general manager has now become a consultancy company with a team of 45 architects, engineers, and other technical experts. After many years in the profession, he has designed several hundred buildings in the region since 1980.  

Focused on others

Terje is not interested in talking about his contribution to building a successful company. Instead, he waves the questions away with monosyllabic words. He is much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, and he wants as little spotlight as possible on himself and is instead more focused on others. That's why Terje uses every chance to brag about his colleagues, family, clients, and business partners, as well as the cafeteria. In other words, Terje does not design buildings to show off but to create something functional for others, where the client's needs are prioritized.   

“It is important that the buildings are useful to those they are designed for. The goal is that they function as you have envisioned,” says Terje.   

“I believe the customer is right, and I always try to meet their needs.” 

Terje uses every chance to brag about his colleagues, family, clients, and business partners, as well as the cafeteria.

When asked what he thinks is the most interesting project he has worked on, he points to the ceiling. 

“This building here has been quite interesting,” says Terje. 

He has been involved in all construction stages and developments for Omega 365's headquarters in Ølensvåg over the past 25 years. 

“It began with two barracks that arrived on a barge. They were built together, and then the building was expanded to the north and then to the south. The last phase is the conservatory outside the canteen, which is now being built,” explains Terje.   

He believes that the most exciting thing about designing buildings is finding out whether it works and finding the correct planning solutions together with the customer.  

“The most crucial factor when I draw is that the client is satisfied with the work,” says Terje. 

When Terje talks about others, he becomes much more talkative. At 67 years of age, he has the opportunity to retire. However, he has no intention of doing that for a while. He enjoys the everyday    life in Omega 365 Areal all too well. He cycles from home at six o'clock and is usually the first person in    the office. He takes time to get updated on current news before starting the work day at seven, where most of    the time is spent drawing and planning. With a big interest in outdoor activities, as well as boats, he stays in shape with various types of exercise. 

Terje himself boasts about the social environment at work. 

“It makes a lot of difference. Besides, the canteen makes it all the better. After Berit Vågen took over the responsibility, the quality increased considerably,” says Terje about the now retired canteen manager at Ølensvåg. 

In addition, it is a short distance from the office to his boat. As the leader of the local group of the Coastal Federation, Kystlaget Romsa, he takes part in and maintains both older vessels and boathouses. His boat is located directly outside the office, which means that Terje goes straight out to the boatyard through the door in his office.   

Good colleagues

With a passion for stories, old history, and an interest in photography, cabins, and the outdoors, he calls himself short-traveled. 

“You have to write,” he says.   

“I have always been very happy with my colleagues. I have never liked to be in the spotlight, so I need colleagues that want to be in the front. I would like to thank them for that, because it has been an adventure,” says Terje.   

He is not just talking about Omega 365 Areal but about the entire Omega 365 group. He also praises his brothers, co-founders Tor Erling and Sigmund Lunde, the latter known to many as  the Chairman of Omega 365.  

“They have helped to create many jobs,” he says.   

When asked if he has not made his mark on Omega 365 too, he replies: 

“I guess,” he says with a smile. 

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