Spotlight: Omega 365 Admin

Impressive system implementation

Over the past year, the administrative and system development teams in Omega 365 have taken on an extraordinary workload. They are now reaping praise for ensuring a smooth transition to the new accounting system.    

“The past year has been very hectic, but we are in the project's final phase, so even though there are a lot of remaining details, we feel good about getting this far,” says Bodil Tretterud.

The project team members include Leif Hole, Jan Børge Landro, Oskar Sømme, Bodil Tretterud, and Lars Dalen, who has been working on transitioning from the accounting system MarketMaker to the new Omega 365 system. In addition, several system developers from Omega 365 Core have also played a crucial part in this project.   

  • Name: Team from Omega 365 Core and Omega 365 Admin
  • Omega focus: Transition from the MarketMaker accounting system to the launch of the new Omega 365 system.
  • Location: Omega 365's headquarters in Ølensvåg, Norway

“The past year has been very hectic, but we are in the project's final phase, so even though there are a lot of remaining details, we feel good about getting this far,” says Bodil. 

The whole organization has recognized Bodil and the rest of the team for their work. Omega 365's CEO, Petter Aalvik, is highly impressed by their effort. 

“Replacing MarketMaker with a new system is a huge and complex job. Just preparing for transitioning to the new system took almost two years. Now, three months after closing MarketMaker, I am highly impressed by all that has been implemented in the new system,” says Petter. 

“The administrative team and project group are doing a great job developing, implementing, and operating a complete and future-proof ERP system. This solution will be valuable to us many years from now. Thank you very much for your effort,” he finishes.  

Listening to users

Bodil has been working at Omega 365 since 2011 and has extensive knowledge of the company's organization and system development. For the most part, she has been on the Admin team, working with pay and accounting. A couple of years back, she was asked to join the task group running the transition to a new accounting system. 

“Now, I am a system coordinator in Omega 365 Core, working exclusively with this project. My job is connecting the administration team and developers of the current program. Therefore, listening to the users is very important, as well as conveying users’ opinions on everyday tasks to the developers. I am hoping my experience is useful here,” says Bodil.


The final phase of the implementation process has been hectic, especially for those working with accounting, hours, pay, and invoicing. It is important to ensure everything is correct and that the system can be trusted.

“The admin team has been solution-oriented and powered through this work even though it was missing some features. We had to prioritize the crucial modules first,” said Bodil. 

“For me, working with this has been very exciting. I like to participate in projects where I can create something,” she says. 

Most features completed  

Caitlin Flått Evenhus, Gerd Marit Øvrevik, Elin Engelsen Eide, and Marte Birkenes Arefjord in Omega 365 Admin are the ones that use the accounting system daily.

They reflect on a hectic time where they need to get the pay and invoicing right, even though the system has been under development. 

“As we have wished to implement selected features, we appreciate being able to shape the system. Most of the features are now in place,” says Elin. 

The rest of the group agrees with her statement. They know that what they are working on is crucial for both team and management. However, the group’s greatest concern is making mistakes due to the high workload depending on manual control. Everyone needs correct pay at the right time, and the company needs invoicing with the proper compensation and timeline. 

“We always meet deadlines, which we are very pleased about,” says Elin. 

“Sitting together ensures that we get to know each other, which strengthens our internal communication,” says Caitlin Flått Evenhus.

In the same boat

Some of the Admin employees have started their positions quite recently. For example, Caitlin and Marte who has been working at Omega 365 for six months. As Caitlin just got her certificate in office and administration, the last phase of her apprenticeship in Omega 365 was parallel to the big transition. She describes patience as her greatest challenge. However, Caitlin finds these past months highly educational. 

“The whole team has been in the same boat, which has enabled us to have good conversations throughout the process. Moving office during this time has also been great, as we are now closer to the rest of the Omega 365 corporation. Sitting together ensures that we get to know each other, which strengthens our internal communication,” said Caitlin. 

Marte also has a good feeling about these past months. 

“Although this has been a very busy time, we have finally landed on our feet again,” she says. 

Complex processes

System developer Oskar Sømme has been working closely with the Omega 365 transition. 

“I have had some busy days while working on this project, but at the same time, it has been very exciting and educational,” he says.

Oskar said that tight deadlines and a large number of tasks to solve have been among the greatest challenges. 

“Because we are developing an ERP system in operation, deadlines are pretty tight. The government requires monthly data and statistics reports. Over 1800 employees also need to receive their correct salary at the right time, and the company needs the invoices to go out within the agreed time frame. The system is quite large, involving several people in the Omega 365 organization. Complex processes may stop due to small errors,” says Oskar.  

Oskar found the process exciting and shared, “In order to avoid problems, we split up MarketMaker into several parts to complete task by task without long downtime.” 

“Transitioning a large accounting system in such a short time is very hard, but a highly dedicated team has been working efficiently. To improve the design process of the ERP system in Omega 365, MarketMaker users have been involved. Bodil Tretterud and Lars Dalen have played crucial roles in understanding the user’s needs,” says Oskar.

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