Connecting at the Autumn Gatherings

In recent months, Omega 365 Consulting has organized annual Autumn Gatherings in several Norwegian cities. These dinners offer a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and information, as well as to build networks in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Omega 365 Consulting hosted the annual Autumn Gatherings across various Norwegian cities.

“We have now met 400 of our colleagues through eight dinners in the cities of Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen, Mongstad, Stavanger, Haugesund, and Stord,” says Yvonne Sandgren, who works in the Business Support team at Omega 365 Consulting. 

Amidst laughter and discussions on various topics, these dinners allowed everyone to expand and strengthen their connections within the company. They also provided opportunities to make new contacts and reinforce existing relationships. 

“Our team members highly value these gatherings. It allows them to connect with Omega 365 colleagues from different projects and offices, which is quite different from their regular interactions,” elaborates Yvonne. 

The events included presentations from the Department Managers at Omega 365 Consulting. These presentations aimed to provide insight into the company's activities, including ongoing projects and offerings. 

“It was a well-organized and enjoyable event. The quality of the food, the pleasant company, and the thoughtful gifts we received left a lasting impression. I'm genuinely impressed,” remarks Omega 365 Consultant Liv Henny Adamsen.  

During the gatherings, the consultants were also introduced to this year's Advantage program, which highlighted a wide variety of activities within international team events and local gatherings available to all employees in 2024. The presentation also included glimpses of the holiday houses offered to employees. 

“We really appreciate the opportunity to bring everyone together. From aspects such as hiring, onboarding, information sharing, compensation, expense reports, training, and, last but not least, our fantastic Advantage program for friends and family, we are happy to foster a positive work environment. Good food, a great atmosphere, and a gift to take home leave big smiles and grateful team members,” concludes Yvonne. 

See the pictures from the Autumn Gatherings below!