Secured floating offshore wind contract

Omega 365 Solutions will provide their project management system to the energy developer Source Galileo.

Published: 25 September 2023
In Omega 365 Solutions, Department Manager Vidar Nordnes has had the goal of securing more local businesses as customers.

“This gives us more legs to stand on,” says Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions, Vidar Nordnes 

“Floating offshore wind is an exciting area for us and for Haugalandet. We are keen to work with more companies in green energy and innovative sustainability solutions,” Nordnes says, noting that Source Galileo is a forward-looking company.  

“It's very interesting to be part of that journey through our deliveries,” believes Nordnes. 

Project management from A to Z  

Source Galileo will now utilize the Omega 365 project management system for document management, cost and contract management, and planning.  

Source Galileo has a diverse portfolio of projects, including a collaboration with Odfjell Oceanwind to develop floating offshore wind farms. These projects aim to support the electrification of oil and gas installations and participate in the competition at Utsira Nord. In the latter project, Source Galileo has also formed partnerships with IKEA and the Japanese energy giant Kansai.  

“The key to success for all projects is to have complete control at every stage. Over time, we have considered several tools that claim to give us this, but the combination of user-friendliness, functionality, and especially service was clearly best at Omega 365. The fact that we can also find this type of tool and expertise locally is something we at Source Galileo strongly support,” says Stian Røsdal, Chief Technology Officer at Source Galileo and Project Manager for Utsira Nord.  

“Omega 365 is a system that ensures good project management from A to Z throughout the process. Having everything in one system can yield good results for companies like Source Galileo. This can streamline, systematize, and improve workflow,” says Nordnes. 

Stian Røsdal, Chief Technology Officer at Source Galileo and Project Manager for Utsira Nord, emphasizes the importance of having full control in projects

Investing locally  

Since the opening of Omega 365's Haugesund office in January 2021, Vidar Nordnes' objective has been to attract more local customers. He has found that many clients appreciate the convenience of a short car ride for in-person meetings amidst their busy daily routines. Now, he is witnessing the outcomes of his networking efforts and is pleased to welcome Source Galileo to the list of clients. 

“Considering the local market dynamics in Haugalandet, having an office in Haugesund has been incredibly beneficial. Since our move here in early 2021 with just six employees, our team has expanded to well over 30. While digital meetings with clients have become more common, there's something unique and valuable about face-to-face interactions  

Increased order volume also creates a need for future recruitment.  

“This also means we're on the lookout for more employees with the expertise we'll need going forward.” 

About Omega 365 Solutions  

In recent years, Omega 365 Solutions has made significant investments in the public sector and established a strong presence in the construction and infrastructure industry. The company is now planning a major expansion both internationally and in Norway for its new cloud-based platform, Omega 365. Omega 365 Solutions has a long history of providing the project management tool Pims to customers in the oil and gas sector. Omega 365 Solutions is one of Omega 365's subsidiaries. 

About Source Galileo  

Source Galileo is a European developer and long-term owner of renewable energy systems. They have a significant focus on offshore wind development but also develop solar energy, battery, hydrogen, and grid projects. The organization employs over 100 people and has offices in Dublin, London, and Haugesund. The Haugesund office (Source Galileo Norway) is primarily responsible for floating offshore wind. Source Galileo Norway has a total of nine employees, with plans for more hires in the future. Odfjell Oceanwind and Source Galileo Norway entered into an agreement in January to collaborate on developing floating wind farms. The collaboration includes wind farms for the electrification of oil and gas installations, Utsira Nord, and selected floating wind farms in Europe.