PDS Varicon joins Omega 365 Protek

In December 2023, Omega 365 acquired all shares in PDS Protek and PDS Consult. As a result, the company's department in Sauda, PDS Varicon, also becomes part of Omega 365 Protek.

Department Manager Stian Nordvik looks forward to becoming a part of Omega 365 Protek. “This provides new opportunities,” he says.

“This is very positive for us. As part of Omega 365 Protek, we can deliver more comprehensive services, and we become a part of a larger organization with a lot of expertise. We look forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead” says Stian Nordvik, Department Manager for PDS Protek in Sauda.

PDS Varicon, known for its expertise in surveying and measurement, employs a mix of traditional and advanced tools like GPS, total stations, drones, and scanners. With the rebranding to Omega 365 Protek, the Sauda department will also adopt a new name. However, this change won't affect the customers or employees in any significant way. In fact, according to Nordvik, this transition should be smooth and seamless. 

“The focus here is on reinforcing our current capabilities and establishing a foundation for increased job opportunities and heightened activity at the Sauda office. Additionally, we'll benefit from convenient access to the collective expertise within the group, which will serve as a significant strength for us,” he says. 

With an office in Sauda, Norway, PDS Varicon becomes a part of Omega 365 Protek.

New expertise 

“This transition brings in new expertise, opening doors to new markets for us, and importantly, introduces a new location. Sauda, an exciting municipality rich in industry and power production, offers us the opportunity to engage with a range of attractive customers,” says Anders Lunde, CEO of Omega 365 Protek. 

“If we can contribute to the growth of the company and lay the foundation for more exciting jobs in Sauda, that would be great,” he believes.