Omega Subsea and Solstad Offshore double total ROV system count

The collaboration includes the acquisition of six additional new ROV systems in Omega Subsea Robotics, which will be integrated on board selected Solstad vessels during 2024. With six ROV systems already in place, the total number will double to 12 state-of-the-art systems.

From the left: Morten Haugen, Operations Manager at Omega Subsea, and Trond Berge, General Manager at Omega Subsea. Photo: Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland

“This expansion emphasizes our commitment to continuous growth and strengthens our industrial position. We are in a phase of building and development, and are looking at new opportunities, especially in a global context, in collaboration with Solstad,” says Trond Berge, General Manager of Omega Subsea.

As part of the collaboration and investments in Omega Subsea Robotics, Omega Subsea will be responsible for operating, maintaining, and manning the ROV systems, also through the installation and delivery phase. In line with the company's growth strategy, Berge emphasizes the need for additional personnel, both onshore and offshore.

“We plan to recruit between 20 to 25 new employees during the year to further strengthen our expertise,” says Berge.

The partnership with Kystdesign continues to be an important part of the initiative, based on the expertise of the supplier. For Omega Subsea, the positive experiences from previous investments, as well as the fact that this is a local partnership in the Vestland region of Norway, is important; it also adds valuable expertise and insight into the industry's needs for projects, both locally and globally.

Morten Haugen, Operations Manager at Omega Subsea, has been responsible for the cooperation with Kystdesign.

“In addition to being very pleased with the products from Kystdesign, we have also developed a new ROV model in collaboration with them, a compact version of their top model Constructor. This will be known as 'Constructor Compact', and Omega Subsea Robotics will take delivery of the first two in this series in 2024. It has been important for us to be able to influence the development of a new ROV model together with Kystdesign, as this is a model that is specially designed for our future needs,” says Haugen.

As part of the collaboration and investments in Omega Subsea Robotics, Omega Subsea will be responsible for operating, maintaining, and manning the ROV systems. Photo: Hanna Maria van Zijp

About Omega Subsea

Omega Subsea delivers quality personnel to the global oil and gas, renewables, and decommissioning industry sectors. They have, in recent years, grown consultants numbers and now stand out as one of the leading suppliers of services for project management and onshore/offshore staffing, especially regarding ROV, inspection, and marine/subsea operations.

The Omega Subsea team is located at offices in Bergen, Stavanger, and Aberdeen.

About Omega Subsea Robotics

Omega Subsea Robotics was established in 2022 as an industrial collaboration between Solstad Offshore and Omega Subsea, with the aim of joint investments in ROV systems and associated equipment. 

In 2022, investments were made in two HD ROV systems from the supplier Schilling Robotics (US); both systems were delivered in 2022 and are now mobilized on board the Solstad vessel Normand Frontier.