Omega 365 to provide technology boost for Sellafield project

Programme and Project Partners (PPP), a 20-year partnership transforming how Sellafield Ltd delivers major projects, has awarded its first software-based contract to Omega 365. Omega 365’s completion and commissioning management system, Pims CMS, will support project critical delivery processes on Sellafield's major projects.

“Large-scale, complex nuclear and energy projects are increasingly data intensive, with new operating models and innovative ways of working involving volumes of information. Financial and regulatory requirements are also evolving at a rapid pace. So how do we deal with all this data effectively and efficiently? A Common Data Environment (CDE) has become an essential project tool,” says John Newell, Digital Delivery Lead in PPP.

“I am excited to see the placement of this contract with Omega 365 as the first in a series of software related contracts. By establishing this central capability, it provides a platform for enterprise-wide standardisation, where PPP continues to lead the first phase in the digital transformation journey of Sellafield, by bringing dynamic efficient systems to our people,” Newell adds.

Securing greater efficiencies

With the delivery of Pims CMS, Omega 365 will aid PPP to achieve greater efficiencies and quality project outcomes in a structured manner and according to plan. This includes testing and hand-over between teams at an early phase of the project, making for smooth, timely and progressive collaboration between the construction, commissioning, and operation phases.

The completion process of the system will enable physical progress on installation and testing to be continuously tracked and fully monitored in line with the installation plans. The software is designed to manage this handover process from supplier, through fabrication, installation and ultimately to the operator.

“Omega 365 is delighted to have been selected to deliver this important contract to PPP. The Pims CMS solution will ensure that work is completed to the high standards required by the nuclear industry. Omega 365 is excited to be part of this program and looks forward to working closely with the PPP project teams,” states Department and Key Account Manager, Alf Audun Vetvik from Omega 365. He, along with his colleagues at the Omega 365 UK office in Newcastle, United Kingdom, will oversee the partnership with PPP.

Department and Key Account Manager Alf Audun Vetvik from Omega 365, along with his colleagues at the Omega 365 UK office, will oversee the partnership with PPP.

Transforming project delivery at Sellafield

Sellafield, located in Cumbria, is the largest most complex nuclear facility in the United Kingdom, with a diverse portfolio of construction projects spanning many decades. The site has national responsibilities, including the management of nuclear waste and the decommissioning of outdated facilities.

Programme and Project Partners’ (PPP) purpose is to transform major project delivery at Sellafield. The partnership brings together four companies who will deliver a 20-year pipeline of major infrastructure projects to support the decommissioning of Sellafield and to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

The contract with Omega 365, awarded following a competitive process led by PPP, supports PPP’s aims to build a secure, scalable, and resilient Common Data Environment (CDE), for use on PPP’s major projects. The CDE will provide a single source of the most up-to-date information, tracking changes made in the field, such as impacts from both a cost and schedule perspective, and allowing timely informed decisions to be made. By creating a single digital location in which all critical information on a project is brought together in real-time, this allows all teams to collaborate better by using a set of common standards, designs, and definitions.

Together with Alf Audun Vetvik, the partnership with PPP will be supervised by Liam Heywood, Account Manager at Omega 365's Newcastle office.

About Omega 365

Omega 365 is a global company specializing in the provision of project management systems, enterprise management systems, and project personnel, to some of the largest clients in the oil and gas, healthcare, infrastructure, energy, and construction industries.

The project management system, Pims, is an industry-leading tool for carrying out large and complex projects, especially in the oil and gas sector. The next-generation Omega 365 platform is a fully integrated and cloud-based solution that drives critical processes in projects or organizations of all sizes, in any industry.

Companies in the Omega 365 Group also provide subsea engineering services, IT consultants, architectural and engineering services, spatial and community planning, as well as design and communication services.

Headquartered in Norway, the company also has offices in Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Guyana, Australia, Lithuania, France, and Singapore.

Omega 365's more than 2000 employees work to ensure that the company is "Big enough to deliver - small enough to care". In 2022 the Omega 365 Group reported a turnover of approximately NOK 2.5 billion.

About PPP

The partnership is made up of lot partners:

  • KBR (integration partner)
  • Jacobs (design and engineering partner)
  • Morgan Sindall Infrastructure (civils construction management partner)
  • Altrad Babcock Ltd (process construction management partner)
  • Sellafield Ltd is the fifth partner.

The Programme and Project Partners (PPP) model was mobilised in 2019 with the purpose of transforming major project delivery at the Sellafield nuclear site. The partnership brings together the best of KBR, Jacobs, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, Altrad Babcock and Sellafield Ltd to deliver a 20-year pipeline of major infrastructure projects to support the decommissioning of Sellafield and to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.