Omega AS is now ISO certified

Omega 365's parent company, Omega AS, has achieved ISO certification, along with subsidiary companies Omega 365 Consulting, Omega 365 Solutions, Omega 365 Areal, and Omega 365 Design.

Published: 19 June 2023
From left to right: Kjersti Reiersen, Business Support at Omega 365 Consulting; Rune Halbrend, System Coordinator at Omega 365 Solutions; Karina Hovden Stava, Corporate HSEQ Manager; Veronica Askeland, Business Support at Omega 365 Solutions; and Lene Langelandsvik, Administrative Manager at Omega 365 Areal.

“It is great to have proof that our system, Omega 365, meets the expectations, and that we are able to deliver on the standards that are expected of us,” says CEO Petter Aalvik. 

In April, the companies underwent a certification audit for ISO standards ISO 9001 (Quality management), ISO 14001 (Environmental management), and ISO 45001 (Occupational health and safety). In addition, Omega 365 Solutions, which already held the ISO 27001 (Information security management system) standard, was also reapproved within the same audit process.

“We have always had a customer requirement to deliver in accordance with the three ISO standards. In the absence of certificates, we have had to provide extensive documentation to each customer to verify this,” says Aalvik. 

“Now, we no longer have this uncertainty, and we have evidence to support the fact that we meet the standards,” he says. 

Each company had its respective teams conduct internal gap analyses against the requirements of the standards. Numerous meetings were held where all teams participated and collectively examined the overall picture of the corporation. 

Hard work

 Aalvik highlights the work done by Corporate HSEQ Manager Karina Hovden Stava and her team in achieving the certifications. 

“They have done a lot of work to establish the Omega 365 solution as a business management system that receives recognition from certification authorities in the form of an ISO certificate.” 

Stava agrees that Omega AS wanted to achieve ISO certification to obtain evidence that the Omega 365 system supports the requirements of the standard, as well as to show current and potential customers that the company operates in a satisfactory manner. 

“It is also important that our international companies have a certification they can rely on for bids and sales to global customers,” she says. 

“Now, we have had a third party overseeing our processes and verifying that they meet the expected standards in terms of quality, work environment, and external environment.” 

From left to right: Svein Tore Haraldseid, General Manager of Omega 365 Solutions; Gisle Heggebø, General Manager of Omega 365 Areal; Anders Lunde, General Manager of Omega 365 Consulting; and Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland, General Manager of Omega 365 Design.

A motivated company

The process has been challenging but also educational. 

“The majority of what we do as a company has been discussed and assessed in meetings. Documenting decisions, risk assessments, measures, and changes correctly has been a shift, but it is going to be an improvement,” says Stava. 

“Another challenge has been to prioritize time to work systematically with the consulting firm Kiwa. Our companies have busy days, and a certification process takes time and capacity. Fortunately, the companies have been very motivated to get this in place,” she concludes.