Omega 365 Denmark is growing and expanding to a new office

Omega 365 in Denmark is growing and is now gearing up for increased demand in several locations. In April, the company will move onto bigger premises to continue positioning the Group in an attractive area.

The team in Copehagen has set a goal to find new resources, and people who want to develop the company further.

“We are growing slowly, but surely, in step with new customers and more assignments. Therefore, we need larger premises to continue to build Omega 365 in Denmark,” says Department Manager Ståle Håheim, in Omega 365 Denmark.

Closer to the customer

At the office in Denmark, system engineers are working to support the implementation of Omega 365 and the Pims system on large projects in Denmark and internationally.

“I have a total of 16 employees. Nine of us are system engineers located at the office in Denmark. Meanwhile in Norway, I have project personnel and several system engineers. I also have a systems engineer employed in Spain who came from the office in Denmark.”

Following the increased market demand, the office needed to expand to accommodate new customers.

“Right now, we have several projects underway related to Pims and Omega 365 that we are very committed to. We are heavily involved in projects with wind power offshore around the world, including several projects in Taiwan and Korea, as well as Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States. In addition, we work with mining projects in Germany, pharma projects in Switzerland and Denmark, battery projects in Sweden, Metro projects in Tel Aviv, and oil and gas projects in Denmark. Beyond that, we are working on getting more customers in Denmark, and for 2023 we are working to bring in two new large customers for Omega 365,” says Håheim.

Omega 365 established the company in Copenhagen in 2008, and has mainly worked with customers in the oil and gas industry, and the health sector. After establishing a new office over three years ago, the goal has been to get closer to existing customers in Denmark, and establish contact with new potential customers down in Central Europe.

Focus on recruitment

With increased demand, there is a prominent need for recruitment for Omega 365 in Denmark. The team at the Copenhagen office has, therefore, set a goal to find new resources, and people who want to develop the company further. “We are in a phase where we are looking for new human resources. The aim is to have close to 15 employees in the office this year, which will reflect our workload. The new employees will be a mix of system developers and project managers.”