Omega 365 Consulting acquires PDS Protek and PDS Consult

Omega 365 Consulting has purchased all shares in PDS Protek and PDS Consult. The agreement was signed this December and represents a strategic decision for both companies, with the goal of enhancing their presence in the engineering and consulting sectors.

Published: 13. December 2023
From the left: Trine Halsnes, Department Manager at PDS Protek; Geir Ivar Seime, CEO of PDS Protek; Petter Aalvik, CEO of Omega 365; Sigmund Lunde, Chairman of the Board at Omega 365; Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen, Department Manager at Omega 365 Consulting; Anders Lunde, General Manager at Omega 365 Complete; and Øivind Erland, Marketing and Business Developer at PDS Group.

The new name will be Omega 365 Protek, and the company will be based in Norheim, Haugesund. 

“At Omega, we have wanted to work with industrial clients in design, analysis, and detailed engineering for a while. Now, with the addition of PDS Protek, we are starting this venture. Through PDS Consult, we plan to collaborate on sustainable solutions and improve our consulting services. Acquiring these companies means a more robust professional environment, increased market share, more clients, new possibilities, and a stronger presence in Haugalandet,” says CEO at Omega 365, Petter Aalvik. 

Strategic boost

“PDS Protek AS will gain a stronger market position by becoming part of the Omega group.” 

PDS Protek is changing its name to Omega 365 Protek AS. The company is an 'in-house' and independent engineering firm established in 1991, with specialized expertise in design, analysis, and detailed engineering. 

“The acquisition will give PDS Protek a boost in several ways, but most importantly, all employees will remain with the company, both in PDS Consult and PDS Protek,” says Chairman at the PDS Group and CEO at PDS Protek, Geir Ivar Seime. 

“With the support of a large corporation like Omega 365, PDS Protek will have the chance to further its growth and expand its customer base. This will open up new opportunities and possibilities for employees from both companies. Furthermore, it will enhance job security for the employees and reduce the company's vulnerability to market fluctuations,” says Seime. 

“Even though PDS Protek and PDS Consult are leaving the PDS Group, the collaboration with PDS Mecan will continue, and existing agreements will be maintained.” 

From the left: Jan Bauge, Department Manager at Omega 365 Complete; Øivind Erland, Marketing and Business Developer at PDS Group; Petter Aalvik, CEO at Omega 365; Geir Ivar Seime, CEO at PDS Protek; Sigmund Lunde, Chairman of the Board at Omega 365; Trine Halsnes, Department Manager at PDS Protek; Anders Lunde, General Manager at Omega 365 Complete; and Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen, Department Manager at Omega 365 Consulting.

Strong collaboration 

Anders Lunde will become the General Manager at Omega 365 Protek AS. Joining him on the management team are Geir Ivar Seime and Trine Halsnes from PDS. 

“At Omega, we have been working since this summer on an initiative involving comprehensive project execution and engineering assignments. This aspect will now be integrated into Omega 365 Protek. We have worked with PDS for a long time and are familiar with both their staff and their values. There are strong indications that this partnership will be highly successful,” says Lunde. 

“In addition, we quickly saw that both of our consulting initiatives would benefit from closer collaboration. What we can achieve with our joint consulting business, alongside Protek and the other companies in the Omega family, is exciting. The idea of potentially joining forces as a single company came up earlier this fall,” Lunde explains. 

Both PDS Consult and Omega 365 Consulting are attractive employers for consultants in the oil and gas and land-based industries. 

“We operate in a very similar manner within the consulting field and have a history of working in many of the same industries. Combining our forces at this point will strengthen us further,” Lunde asserts.

About PDS Protek

PDS Protek was established in 1991 and quickly developed as a provider of engineering and consulting services in the oil and gas, process industry, energy, and aquaculture sectors. Since its inception in 1991, PDS's core business has been in advisory engineering services to the oil and gas industry as well as land-based and process industries. 

About PDS Consult

PDS Consult has been a provider of consultants since 1991. The company offers project-based hiring of consultancy services in both technical and project administrative fields. They have extensive experience in the oil and gas market as well as land-based industry and have long-term framework agreements with major companies. PDS Consult delivers consultants both nationally and internationally, and many of the consultants have had assignments through the company for several years. 

About Omega 365 Consulting AS

Omega 365 Consulting assists clients by providing personnel to projects in sectors such as oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and buildings, and more, in Norway and around the world. The company delivers project personnel within areas of expertise such as engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, subsea, and maritime operations. For delivery of IT, subsea and maritime personnel Omega 365 Consulting works closely with Omega 365 Solutions and Omega Subsea. This Norwegian company has approximately 830 consultants currently on assignment and is located at Omega 365’s offices in Stavanger, Ølensvåg, Oslo, and Bergen. Omega 365 Consulting is one of several subsidiaries in the Omega 365 Group, which has over 2000 employees. The group delivers software solutions, project personnel, engineering and architectural solutions, and design and communications solutions to clients and projects globally.