Omega 365 awarded Company of the Year

Tor Erling Lunde proudly accepted the award on behalf of the entire Omega 365 group on Friday.

Published: 12 March 2023
From left: Linda Andersen, Veronica Askeland, Vidar Nordnes, Svein Tore Haraldseid, Cecilie Høvring, Anders Lunde, Tor Erling Lunde, Helge Tvedt, Linn-Henny Andersen, Johannes Eide, Astrid Eidhammer Hjelmeland, and Arne Gunnar Habbestad.

“It feels great to receive recognition for the efforts and achievements of our company and the work that we are doing here. This award also helps strengthen our position,” said Lunde, who, together with his brother Sigmund Lunde, founded the system and competency company in the 1980s. 

“The most important thing at Omega 365 is the employees, and that they enjoy the tasks they are given. Our position here locally is important to us, as this is where our headquarters are. It's nice to be recognized, as we traditionally haven't actively marketed ourselves," Lunde said. 

“This can also strengthen our position in the search for future talents.” 

He points out that the community in Vindafjord, and Ølensvåg, is an area with many companies experiencing strong growth, and where many entrepreneurs have created significant value. 

“I think there is a certain contagious effect here in Vindafjord. It’s possible to take risks and succeed here, and people support each other,” Lunde adds. 

Strong growth

A lot has happened since the Lunde brothers started Futura Datasenter in 1987. In 1991, the company changed its name to Omega, and focused more on providing engineering services and software. 

“After having worked at Haugesund Mekaniske Verksted, we returned as suppliers of engineering services and system solutions, and they were largely the ones who pulled us along further,” says Lunde, describing the development from the 1980s until today as a fantastic journey. 

“We have grown rapidly and have become over 1800 employees in just over 30 years, which is incredible. We can thank our customers for our success, both in terms of our consultants and our systems. We eventually became involved in Hydro and Equinor's projects both nationally and internationally. Locally, we were engaged at Kårstø, Westcon, Aibel, and Gassco, to name a few,” he says. 

Tor Erling Lunde proudly accepted the Company of the Year award at the Haugaland Conference on Friday

Global player

The jury for the Company of the Year award emphasized that Omega 365 is a global player and justified the award as follows:

This year's winner aligns with the conference theme of "Impression." The company has left a lasting impression on an entire region over several decades. The winner is an entrepreneurial company that has developed and commercialized excellent products and services. 

Through robust initiative and execution, the company has achieved remarkable growth year after year. The company's founders and leaders have maintained high ambitions while staying grounded. They have built the company step by step and have achieved an organic growth rate of approximately 20% annually for many years. Today, they are a local "giant" with over 1800 employees spread across 11 locations on five continents, including eight locations in Norway. 

The company is innovative and pioneering, having developed several business areas, including software solutions, project personnel, IT consultants, subsea services, engineering and architecture services, design, and communication solutions. 

The majority of Omega 365's customers operate within sectors such as oil and gas, renewable energy, industrial, infrastructure, transportation, construction, and IT. The company places significant emphasis on sustainability, addressing various social and societal concerns, as well as environmental and climate issues, with specific goals related to several of the UN's sustainable development objectives.

Their slogan, "big enough to deliver, small enough to care," speaks to the company's ambitions. With unwavering determination, they believe that through their "project possible," they can achieve a leading global position in project management software, even against larger multinational companies. Simultaneously, their emphasis on being "small enough to care" reflects their values and significant social commitment. 

Omega 365 supports many local organizations and associations and has launched initiatives that enhance the quality of life and economic development in the region, primarily Vindafjord. The company also makes substantial donations to large international organizations, working to eradicate poverty. 

Through their "Advantage program," Omega 365 rewards employees for their achievements, including further education and good results, with a point system. Points can be redeemed for vacation homes or personal development opportunities. 

As an innovative, professional, and inclusive cornerstone of the inner part of Haugalandet, we are pleased to name Omega 365 as the Company of the Year in Haugalandet.