Omega 365 Australia expands into regional sectors

As the Australian resource sector grapples with a massive workforce demand, Omega 365 Australia strategically increases its presence in regional territories.

The Omega 365 Australia team has expanded into regional territories to address workforce needs.

With the Australian resource sector facing a pressing demand for an additional 15 000 workers for 69 committed projects by 2024, Omega 365 Australia expands into regional territories. The company's growth is thoroughly planned, targeting regional parts of Australia that have a high number of projects but struggle to attract and retain the required workforce. 

Emma Ireland, General Manager of Omega 365 Australia, remarks, “We see an immense opportunity in regional Australia. While these projects are spread out and not typically near the metropolitan hubs, our goal is to bridge the workforce gap by establishing strong regional bases.” 

The company's newly established presence in Bunbury, located in the Southwest Region of Western Australia, exemplifies this vision.

“Bunbury, with its rich history in chemical manufacturing and refineries, was a natural choice for our expansion,” Ireland explains.  

“We are particularly thrilled to have new team members with strong ties to the local Chamber of Commerce and the Southwest Development Commission. Their expertise and local connections bring invaluable regional insights.”  

Additionally, Omega 365 Australia has now established operations in Mackay, a region within the renowned Bowen Basin. 

“Mackay is at the heart of mining and is also venturing into onshore renewable energy. Our presence there, along with our active engagement with entities like the Bowen Basin Mining Club and the Resource Industry Network, is critical for our brand's growth in the area.” 

“Omega 365 Australia's strategic expansion, highlighted by our new regional locations and exceptional team, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to addressing Australia's regional workforce needs. We are here to partner, grow, and offer solutions,” Ireland emphasizes. 

General Manager of Omega 365 Australia, Emma Ireland sees an immense opportunity in regional Australia.

About Omega 365 Australia 

Omega 365 Australia, with its main office in Perth, offers project personnel and software solutions. The company works closely with clients, candidates, and consultants in the oil and gas, mining, construction, and governmental sectors. Omega 365 has long been an established and trusted brand in Australia; the team in Australia currently deploys staff and software across several disciplines, supporting projects ranging from AU$100M to over AU$10 billion.