Omega is establishing internationally

Published: 25.10.05 (Åse P. Thirud)

Omega is growing fast these days. They have established several new offices, and are constantly hiring new employees to meet the rising demand. Read more about Omega in today's edition of Project Local Competence.

Omega is a company that grew substantially both this and last year, and they now have 258 employees. Their goal is to be the customer's first choice as supplier of project services and information systems for project management. "Our solutions will help the customer with development and optimalization of their own value-generative activities," says operations manager Petter Aalvik (picture, right). Omega's main product is Pims, Project Information Management System.

"We are in a good circle in which existing customers recommend us to new customers," Aalvik continues. "We have had substantial growth in all departments, and showed that the company also is able to deliver when the demand increases. Prestigious customers such as Total, ConocoPhilips Norge, Elkem, Gassco and Lamprell Energy Ltd were new on our customer list in 2004."

The Omega administration has also been strengthened to meet the growing demand. In 2004 they hired an international coordinator, several accountants, and trainee positions were established. Altogether 33 new people were recruited in 2004, and the hirings continue in 2005.

"Our subsidiary company, Omega Project Solutions Inc. in Houston, grew to employ over 20 people, and we established personnel in Canada and the Middle East last year," Aalvik says. At the same time they demerged Omega IAT, an engineering and architectural consultancy company. In addition, Omega Consulting Services was merged into Omega.

Turnover increased by 33,8 per cent in 2004, from 121.8 million NOK to 163 million NOK. This year's profit after tax was 8.8 million NOK, an increase from 2003's 6.9 million NOK."

Are you planning to expand your product range?

"Yes, we are adding a collaboration tool called TeamDocuments. In addition, we are continually developing Pims to take advantage of the new Microsoft technology being rolled out," Aalvik tells us.

How did Omega do financially in the first half of 2005?

"The turnover on the corporation level was about 110 million NOK and the profit before tax about 8 million NOK these first six months of the year." Omega has won important contracts with AkerKværner and Vetco Aibel, among others, so far this year.

Which customer groups will you aim for in the time ahead?

"We are focusing on the energy field nationally and internationally, mainly oil companies and oil company suppliers," Aalvik says.

How do you see the future in Norway and possibly abroad?

"We expect a good market both in Norway and abroad!"