New office space secured in Calgary

Omega 365 Canada experienced rapid growth in 2022. Recently, General Manager, Kenneth Steinsvik signed a contract securing a brand new office space for our team in Calgary.

The new office space is larger and more strategically positioned in the University District of Calgary.

A rapid increase in team numbers, supported by strong financial growth, has motivated Omega 365 Canada in Calgary to secure a new, larger, and more strategically positioned office space.

The contract for the office was signed last week and the team expect to move in Q3 of 2023.

“We started 2022 with 12 employees and are now a team of 17. It was clear from this growth, and based on our future goals, that it was time to make a move,” explains Kenneth Steinsvik, who moved to Canada in 2008 to lead our first Canadian office.

The new 310 m² office is located in the University District of Calgary, ensuring a great location for existing staff, whilst also making Omega 365 easily available to upcoming talent in the region.

Steinsvik and his team will now begin planning the space, before engaging Omega 365 Design to design the office interior in line with the “Norwegian roots” style that has been implemented in Houston, Perth, and Singapore.

“All options are open to us with this space, as everything needs to be planned and built. Having visited Houston and seen the office environments evolving in Australia and Singapore, we are keen to roll out the same style in Calgary. I think this is important in terms of continuity internationally, but more than anything we believe our Norwegian edge really creates a unique and cool vibe for our team,” suggests Steinsvik.