New IT consultant company established

The newly established company, Omega 365 IT Consulting, will provide IT consultants to clients.

Håvard Lea Olsen has taken on the role of General Manager for Omega 365 IT Consulting.

Omega 365 Solutions has a history of providing IT consultants for various projects. Håvard Lea Olsen, who has prior experience in this field at Omega 365 Solutions, has taken on the role of General Manager for the new company. 

Creating growth

From 1 February 2024, consulting services within IT and related tasks were transferred from Omega 365 Solutions to Omega 365 IT Consulting. This does not apply to IT services related to the software solutions Omega 365 and Pims; these IT services will continue to be part of Omega 365 Solutions. 

“The change is primarily made to give each business area better conditions for growth and development. The experience so far is that organizing into subsidiaries enables the focus to be more on sales, business development, and growth,” says Olsen. 

He emphasizes that organizing with separate boards and clear management in each company offers more interesting career opportunities, more efficient use of support functions, and better execution capabilities. 

Seeking senior expertise

According to Olsen, the new company has significant recruitment needs moving forward. 

“We are always on the lookout for talented people, and now we are specifically seeking senior expertise in development, project management, and consulting,” he says.