New cafeteria in Ølensvåg

This fall in Norway, the cafeteria at Omega 365's headquarters in Ølensvåg underwent a renovation.

From left to right: Elin Berge, Bodil Halsnes, Nina Arnestad, and Randi Krakk.

After a year marked by growth and the welcoming of new employees, Omega 365 has renovated the cafeteria to better accommodate the expanding team. The renovation was designed to create an open, communal space where colleagues can enjoy their lunch breaks together, in addition to a larger and more equipped kitchen. This year, a winter garden surrounding the cafeteria was also completed, offering a bright and inviting space for lunchtime gatherings.  

“We are very pleased with the renovations. The kitchen has become more spacious and well-furnished, now featuring a new, large refrigerator and a baking island. There's also additional space since we moved the dishwashing station to a separate room. Having the dishwashing area separate from the kitchen, along with the new winter garden where many enjoy their lunch, makes it more spacious and quieter for both us who work in the kitchen and those who eat their lunch here. Seeing that others are also satisfied is rewarding,” says one of the four diligent cafeteria workers at the headquarters. 

There are four women managing the hustle and bustle in the cafeteria at the headquarters in Ølensvåg. Randi Krakk, Bodil Halsnes, Nina Arnestad, and Elin Berge provide all employees in Ølensvåg with something to look forward to during the workday, offering healthy and diverse lunches along with a cheerful atmosphere.

With the recent renovation of the cafeteria, every area of Omega 365's headquarters has been transformed, showcasing a unified style and improved quality throughout.