Looking forward to building a network

Anders Prestbø has been appointed as the new Department Manager for Omega 365 Consulting in Stavanger. He possesses a passion for working with people and emphasizes the significance of establishing a wide network.

Department Manager for Omega 365 Consulting in Stavanger, Anders Prestbø believes that honest and transparent dialogue between Department Managers and consultants is essential.

Prestbø is no stranger to the field of recruiting consultants, having amassed 11 years of experience in the industry. Initially, he served as an advisor at a staffing company, and for the past five years, he has been part of Omega 365.

“I first became acquainted with Omega 365 while working at the staffing company when we were approached to provide IT consultants. Later, I started recruiting IT personnel for Omega 365's internal team. This experience has given me a deep understanding of Omega 365 and valuable insights into their operations,” he explained. “The positive work environment in the company is an asset that we must fully utilize. It holds immense value for our consultants,” remarked the newly appointed Department Manager. 

The importance of listening

Prestbø eagerly anticipates establishing a strong network, gaining insight into potential candidates for Omega 365 positions, and, above all, ensuring the right consultant is matched with the appropriate assignment. 

“I'm excited for these new challenges and experiences. Identifying the right individuals for available positions is crucial, which can be a daunting task. Once we successfully onboard new talent, it's equally important to nurture their skills and capabilities to retain them in the long run,” Prestbø asserted. 

He emphasizes the importance of listening to employees and understanding their work preferences, and the challenges they find engaging. Prestbø firmly believes that honest and transparent dialogue between Department Managers and consultants is essential. 

“Effective collaboration is key to achieving the best possible outcomes, especially as competition continues to grow. In my years in the industry, I've seen projects increase in size, leading to higher demand for consultants,” he emphasized. 

Network building

The new Department Manager is enthusiastic about building a network, even in settings not directly related to work. 

“It's often unpredictable where you may meet individuals who could be valuable additions to our network. Our reputation plays a critical role in this aspect. Word of a positive and supportive work environment spreads quickly among consultants, but potential candidates might also be found in unexpected places like Home Guard exercises, dropping off a child at daycare, or school events,” Prestbø pointed out. 

Though he frequently uses his phone and rarely turns it off, Prestbø recognizes that his family has observed a positive change in his ability to disconnect when necessary. 

“My partner and children have noticed an improvement in my ability to adapt during vacations or time at the cabin. While my mind often drifts towards work-related thoughts, I understand the importance of taking breaks and disconnecting from work entirely,” he shared. 

Anders Lunde, the General Manager of Omega 365 Consulting, is delighted to have Prestbø join the team. 

Motivated by goals

With his extensive background in the industry, Prestbø already has a strong network to leverage in his new role. 

“I've always enjoyed working with people, and I've done so in various capacities throughout my career. I believe I have strong interpersonal skills and aim to be a valuable team player. I'm eager to see what goals we can achieve in this new role. Contributing to the company's development is incredibly motivating,” he shared. 

Anders Lunde, the General Manager of Omega 365 Consulting, is delighted to have Prestbø join the team. 

“It's a pleasure to welcome Anders to our team. His wealth of knowledge about Omega 365, along with his friendly and optimistic demeanor, will be a fantastic addition. His experience in IT recruitment and staffing is invaluable, and he will bring new perspectives, networks, and insights to help us continue enhancing our operations. Furthermore, it's great to see our Stavanger office being reinforced, given the current developments in the Stavanger market,” said Lunde.