Karrierelaboratoriet visits Ølensvåg

Omega 365 was part of Karrierelaboratoriet’s program when they visited Ølensvåg, Norway. Karrierelaboratoriet brought exciting challenges and an opportunity for local pupils to get to know local companies.

During the event, students were introduced to Omega 365 through engaging short videos that showcased Omega 365 Solutions’ work and what competencies they seek, also presenting some employees and their ways into the company. Each participating company, including Omega 365 Solutions, presented a task for the students. A coding challenge was given to the pupils as a simple introduction to HTML.  

Over the course of two days, students from local schools in Vindafjord municipality learned more about several local companies. The students were engaged in the tasks and found the experience both interesting and informative. 

Karrierelaboratoriet, a concept tailored for 10th graders in Norwegian schools, has been an ongoing initiative for several years. The primary objective is to enable students to explore diverse professions and companies by immersing them in practical challenges. The challenges and the overall concept have been planned and executed in close collaboration with local businesses.