In need of many consultants

Wenche Tindeland and Arvid Grønvoll from Omega 365 Consulting saw a range of exciting projects when they recently visited Hammerfest. The demand for consultants in Northern Norway is expected to be significant in the years to come.

Published: 06 March 2024

In addition to organizing dinner for Omega 365’s consultants, Tindeland and Grønvoll also visited several major projects, where they had the opportunity to meet both consultants and clients.

“During dinner with the consultants, we briefly informed them about the company’s status, and as always, it is nice to meet the employees working out in the field. We have gained more knowledge about the excellent work being done locally with our clients, including Equinor, Aibel, and Vår Energi,” they said.

During the trip, meetings were held with Equinor and Omega 365 employees at Melkøya. Activity there is expected to be very high in the coming years, with projects such as Snøhvit Future and Revision Shutdown in 2025. Skilled consultants will be needed here in the future.

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Big plans

Tindeland and Grønvoll from Omega 365 also participated on a fully booked Næringslivsdag, translated to Business Day, where this year’s conference was titled “Vår Hammerfest”, meaning “Our Hammerfest”.

“Here, we gained in-depth knowledge about future plans and life in the city. Key clients of Omega also participated with presentations. During the conference, we witnessed the contract signing between Equinor and LNS (Leonhard Nilsen og Sønner). The signing was conducted by Project Director Kjetil Myklebust and CEO Jonas Tetlie. LNS will build the tunnel and landfall for the power cable running from Hyggevatn to Melkøya,” they explained.

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Exciting consultant jobs

During the trip to Hammerfest, there was also time to visit two of Omega 365’s consultants at Aibel, who have office space at Fuglenes.

“A common factor among our consultants is that they thoroughly enjoy their work. They particularly highlight the proximity to the onshore facility at Melkøya, the short distance between the engineering and installation departments, and a very good working environment. Aibel will continue to need consultants, especially within the areas of electrical, instrumentation, and automation, and the assignments will be related to Snøhvit Future and the Revision Shutdown. Rotation (2/3) is also planned for those working in the field,” says Tindeland and Grønvoll.

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