Houston Rodeo Run team event

In a show of commitment, teamwork, and philanthropy, team members from the Houston office recently completed the Rodeo Run 5K and raised over $600 for a noble cause.

Author: Bradley Campbell

The team, consisting of both seasoned and novice runners, were joined by their friends and families to cover the 3.1-mile distance across downtown Houston. It was a picture of determination and camaraderie as they cheered each other on and motivated one another to keep going. 

Taking on the challenge with enthusiasm and tenacity, everyone crossed the finish line with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that they had not only achieved a personal goal but had also contributed to a worthy cause. The team’s success is measured not only in their completion of the run, but also in the positive impact they have made in the world through their donation. 

The funds they raised will go towards supporting Texas Youth & Statewide Education which will help local communities. By coming together and working towards a common goal, the team was listed as the #1 Top Donor for the Rodeo Run event overall. 

To the team, congratulations on your incredible achievement! Your dedication, perseverance, and generosity have inspired us all to strive for greatness and give back to our communities. Your accomplishment is a shining example of what can be achieved when we work together for a greater good.

The team was listed as the #1 Top Donor for the Rodeo Run event overall.