Hiring new department manager for the Stavanger office

Omega 365 Consulting continues to grow in the Stavanger region and is now looking to hire more department managers.

Published: 15 February 2024

The company is searching for a department manager to lead operations in Stavanger and another to oversee international operations. Successful candidates will be tasked with creating their own departments, assembling teams of consultants and specialists, handling customer relations, negotiating contracts, and spearheading recruitment efforts. These positions require a strong technical background, proven management experience, and a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

“We're also looking for additional team members interested in international opportunities and will be appointing a department manager specifically for this purpose. Therefore, we'll have two department managers stationed in Stavanger and another who will be traveling. Ideal candidates should enjoy collaborating with others and driving the business forward,” says Leon Dyngeland, Department Manager in Stavanger. 

The department managers will focus on serving clients within the oil and gas sector, where building strong relationships is key.

“You need to have a passion for sales and enjoy interacting with people. Omega 365 Consulting is embarking on a year where we aim to expand our team by 200 people, in Norway and internationally. Achieving this growth requires us to actively engage with people and identify the right consultants for our clients,” says Dyngeland. 

“Additionally, this role offers the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills,” he adds.

Dyngeland praises the working environment in Stavanger. 

“We offer a very good working environment and competitive salaries. Omega 365 has an extremely good welfare program, Advantage. We are also a company with good values.” 

Omega 365 Consulting serve a growing range of clients in oil and gas, construction, renewable energy, transportation, and more. Two department managers are currently based in the Stavanger office at Forus, with the others located in Oslo, Bergen, and the headquarters in Ølensvåg.

Do you know someone who might be suitable for the job? 

Contact person: Leon Dyngeland, Department Manager, Stavanger

+47 90 74 97 48


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