Generating opportunities for potential candidates

Omega 365 Lithuania is growing and looking for new software system developers. Lately, it has been very popular to join the company via a training course called the Appframe Certification Program (ACP).

With experienced top-tier specialists working in Klaipėda, the team has used ACP to quickly teach candidates who are interested in jobs at Omega 365.

“The program allows the candidates to demonstrate their potential capabilities, and also covers the basics that are required for joining Omega 365. When candidates do not have the necessary knowledge of the technologies we need, the ACP training provides an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of these technologies,” says Adrijana Pavilionyte, who works as Talent Acquisition and a Development Specialist in Klaipeda.

Software developers are in high demand in Omega 365. With the help of ACP, the team in Lithuania hopes to train more suitable candidates, who are motivated to take on important roles in Omega 365 locally and globally.

With experienced top-tier specialists working in Klaipėda, the team has used this training program to quickly teach candidates who are interested in jobs at Omega 365. As a result, Omega 365 Lithuania has hired many candidates upon completing the ACP. The program is also available for other companies in Omega 365, which can aid in the training of both new employees and candidates.

The Appframe Certification Program covers SQL, .NET and Web (HTML5, CSS3, Java Script) technologies. Trainees learn about cybersecurity, and the quality requirements in software development. The goal is to give new employees all the knowledge and tools that allow them to start working as a full-stack software developer as fast as possible.

Reaching the right candidate

The participants in the Appframe Certification Program so far vary in age, with both older and younger candidates. 

Adrijana Pavilionyte works as a Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist in Klaipeda

“The older candidates are often people who don't initially have their education in IT but are seeking to re-qualify and enter the industry. Usually, they come to Omega 365 after completing public courses, where they have some knowledge and skills, but not enough to qualify for a Junior Software Developer's position,” says Pavilionyte.

“The program is, however, most popular among students who do not have previous work experience. This is because they are usually able to combine it with either university or college studies, and can get the Appframe certification before graduating.”

One such example is Ringaudas Anužis, who participated in the ACP while studying at Klaipeda University.

Ringaudas Anužis participated in the ACP while studying at the Klaipeda University.

“When I was still in the Klaipeda University, I was looking for an internship place. That was when I found Omega 365 Lithuania. My internship consisted of two parts, which was ACP training and a personal practical task completed with a help of an experienced mentor from Omega 365 in Klaipeda. That's how I came across being a Systems Developer. I think the Appframe Certification Program was very useful to start my journey because it had all the main fundamentals, like the Appframe security model, basic querying, and web framework tooling, that I needed to start working in Pims R4 and Omega 365,” says Anužis.

Showcase a candidate’s potential

The program consists of a short first interview, followed by a set of study materials and practical tasks spanning 2-4 weeks. Candidates are assigned a mentor, who will help guide them as they perform their tasks. The tasks can be performed at home or at the Omega 365 office.

At the end of the course candidates must pass the Cybersecurity test, which grants the participant an Appframe Developer certificate. Pavilionyte believes that this program is a great way to assess the candidate's skills and motivation before hiring.

“With this program we get a better overview of what training the candidates need, and gives us the opportunity to guide them in the right direction. Performing the Appframe Certification Program before hiring allows us to select the most suitable talents who match the company's culture and values, and who can quickly absorb the necessary information. It is, of course, ideal if they are also motivated to work in the Omega 365 team,” says Pavilionyte.

After successfully completing the entire Appframe Certification Program, participants have a greater chance of joining the Omega 365 Lithuania team. At this stage they will have deepened their knowledge of the technologies and frameworks used by Omega 365. Even if some candidates are not employed by Omega 365 after completing the training, this is still a valuable investment of their time. IT candidates are building their professional portfolios when they deepen their knowledge and practical skills of the MS SQL server, T-SQL programming, and modern web technologies such as Bootstrap and jQuery libraries, and back-end development using .Net. They will have also received valuable mentorships from practicing IT professionals in the international markets.

After successfully completing the entire ACP, participants have a greater chance of joining the Omega 365 Lithuania team.

About Omega 365 Lithuania

Established in 2006, Omega 365’s Lithuanian office is located in the Klaipeda Science and Technology Park. They primarily serve the oil and gas industry, as well as the public sector. Their focus is on software development, and delivering services inside the corporate organization and Pims systems. The team of approximately 50 employees have developed a reputation for client satisfaction, ensuring positive recommendations throughout their local network, and among large, international clients. The Klaipeda office is involved in several community projects, including a collaborative program with Klaipeda University where they sponsor scholarships, provide internships, and participate in innovative research programs. The team also works closely with the Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP), developing software for KSTP projects. Omega 365 Klaipeda participates in social initiatives such as CoderDojo and hosts "Pizza and Learn" sessions for the local developer community.