Focus on cybersecurity in Omega 365

Jan Christian Brataas, Chief Technology Officer at Omega 365, highlights the company's dedication to digital safety for employees and clients. This October marks International Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a global initiative that supports these efforts.

Published: 12. October 2023
Jan Christian Brataas, Chief Technology Officer, champions robust cybersecurity measures and underscores Omega 365's dedication to digital safety.

“Given the evolving nature of cyber threats, it is important to maintain vigilance and implement robust cybersecurity measures. October represents a pivotal month during which focus is centered on cybersecurity, addressing emerging threats and trends. This month serves as a reminder for everyone to "Be Smarter than a Hacker”, says Brataas.

At Omega 365, the focus remains on providing insightful and practical cybersecurity advice throughout October, emphasizing the significance of addressing this digital threat. 

“Cyber threats are continually changing and impacting various sectors of society, underscoring the need for robust cybersecurity practices. At Omega 365, we prioritize sharing insights and cultivating a cybersecurity culture.” 

A primary goal for the company is to ensure that the Omega 365 team possesses not only the knowledge but also the skills required to navigate the digital landscape securely. Brataas underscores the importance of the team's active participation in the Security Awareness Training Course available on the employee learning platform, Academy. He states unequivocally, “Our aim is to heighten awareness and understanding of digital security among our team. Participation in the Security Awareness Training Course in Academy is mandatory for all employees.” 

IT Security Policy

Furthermore, Brataas outlines four fundamental cybersecurity tips with the mindset of “Be Smarter than a Hacker”. 

“Firstly, everyone of us must learn to recognize phishing attempts—deceptive messages designed to secretly install malware or extract personal information. These messages may present enticing offers that, in reality, are traps,” advises Brataas. 

“A strong, unbreakable password is also important. With cyber attackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, it's crucial to craft a robust password,” he adds. 

Moreover, Brataas strongly advocates for multifactor authentication (MFA), describing it as a critical component that significantly enhances the security of login procedures by providing an essential layer of protection. 

“Lastly, prompt software updates are vital. These are not merely improvements; they act as necessary patches to address vulnerabilities, playing a crucial role in protecting your data.”  

“Our goal is to empower our team to navigate the internet securely, safeguard sensitive data from malicious actors, and foster a safer digital environment for all,” concludes Brataas.