Expanded horizons in Australia

Herman Fensbekk, Software Developer at Omega 365 Solutions in Stavanger, recently returned from an exchange program at Omega 365's office in Australia. The trip combined both professional and personal growth, along with a taste of Down Under.

Herman describes his stay in Australia as educational, where he not only expanded his professional horizon, but also embraced a completely new culture and lifestyle.

Herman holds a bachelor's degree in IT and Information Systems from the University of Agder, at the Kristiansand campus. He was drawn to the IT world due to his interest in technology and problem-solving.  

“I have always been interested in the field. It perhaps stemmed from the 'hype' around IT that began in the early 2010s. My friends and I, who shared similar interests, influenced and motivated each other. We embraced the new oil. This, combined with the good job opportunities that come with an IT education, made the choice quite simple,” Herman smiles. 

After completing his studies, he joined Omega 365 Solutions as a Software Developer. He discovered the job when he happened to come across a job advertisement from Omega 365 Solutions. He showed the ad to his father, asking if he had worked for the company before. His father nodded, which became a significant reason why Herman applied for the position, despite its location in his hometown, Stavanger.  

“My plan was actually to settle in my student town, Kristiansand, a city I love and have had a connection with since I was young. Either that or anywhere but my hometown,” Herman laughs. 

In his job, he primarily focuses on the Pims R4 product, contributing to the development and support for modules such as Quality, Risk, Integration Management, and Status Reporting.  

“Being able to work on a product that has a real impact on our clients' work processes adds an extra dimension to the work. Seeing that what we develop actually helps people in their daily tasks is rewarding,” Herman shares.  

“The IT path offers many exciting and challenging tasks. Being able to engage in development and programming is a tool and knowledge that can be very beneficial in the professional world but also beyond,” Herman adds. 

Professional and personal growth

Herman's exchange journey began with an employee conversation about opportunities for new experiences and challenges. The discussion led to an idea of working at one of Omega 365's offices abroad. Shortly after, Herman and the General Manager at Omega 365 Australia, Emma Ireland, were planning visas and flights.  

“I felt ready for new challenges and a different everyday life. The desire to step out of my comfort zone grew, and I have long had ambitions to work abroad. The exchange program was therefore perfect,” Herman shares.  

“The exchange experience has taught me a lot. It is healthy to vary your routine occasionally – to challenge your fixed routines, meet new people, and gain new impressions.”  

Herman describes his stay in Australia as educational, where he not only expanded his professional horizons but also embraced an entirely new culture and lifestyle, contrasting with the northern part of the globe.  

“I have many good memories. I've met many great people – colleagues, locals, and study mates from Norway. I've eaten very good food, seen many beautiful places, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, and Bali, and enjoyed a lovely climate,” Herman recounts. 

He especially highlights the people in Australia as something that left a particularly strong impression.  

“The colleagues at the Omega office in Australia are smart, friendly, and considerate. They made me feel welcome from day one. In general, people in Australia were very talkative and open, a contrast to many Norwegians,” Herman laughs. 

Emma Ireland, General Manager of Omega 365 Australia, is very satisfied with both Herman and the exchange program.  

 “The exchange program continues to be an integral part of our growth strategy. It is truly a win-win situation where we benefit from our global team during busy periods, and the visitors gain new experiences in a part of the world they might never have otherwise visited. Herman was a great asset to our team. He worked with our two largest Pims clients, Fortescue and Santos, both of whom provided positive feedback. Santos has even requested him for future work,” Emma shares. 

Both Herman and Karolis Gaidukevičius, who participated in the exchange program in 2022, continue to work with the clients they met in Australia even after returning to their offices back home.  

“This clearly demonstrates how we embrace our ethos 'Big enough to deliver - small enough to care,” Emma adds. 

Positive outlook on the future  

Herman looks positively towards the path ahead, both within Omega 365 Solutions and beyond.  

“The exchange program gave me the opportunity to see another part of the world, and it has given me a new understanding both professionally and personally. I am grateful for the opportunity to broaden my horizons.”