Enhances ROV operations in steady growth

Omega Subsea's ROV Management Services are experiencing steady growth. This expansion is marked by a focus on managing and maintaining current systems, with an eye on future developments. At the forefront of these efforts is ROV Manager, Frank Juven Widme, who offers insights into the department's approach and aspirations.

Frank Juven Widme, ROV Manager at Omega Subsea, emphasizes the importance of teamwork and effective management in operating and maintaining their high-definition ROV systems.

Frank Juven Widme, who leads the ROV Management Services at Omega Subsea, collaborates closely with his colleagues Kjetil Hovland, Project Manager, and Lars Myntevik, ROV Project Manager. Along with the rest of the Omega Subsea team in Bergen, they are gearing up for the upcoming move to larger offices in May 2024, which will accommodate their expanding team and operations. Frank highlights the significance of their ongoing projects, showcasing how teamwork is essential in achieving their objectives. 

“Our work revolves around operating and maintaining our ROV systems while providing support for various projects. We focus on managing and maintaining our current systems to ensure they meet the needs of ongoing and upcoming projects,” says Widme.

In 2022, Omega Subsea took significant steps in expanding its operations by acquiring two high-definition ROV systems from Schilling Robotics, USA. These systems were deployed on the Solstad vessel Normand Frontier, demonstrating Omega Subsea's commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The growth continued in 2023 with the addition of four more ROV systems. These systems are planned to be installed on chosen ships in the Solstad Offshore fleet, expanding the company's operational range. The specifics of these deployments, including the choice of vessels and the schedule, will be managed by Solstad Offshore throughout the year.  

Frank plays a vital role in overseeing these systems, focusing on the effective use of new technology to broaden the company's market presence.  

“We are eager to harness these advancements to extend our market reach,” he adds. 

About Omega Subsea Robotics

  • Omega Subsea Robotics was established in 2022 as an industrial collaboration between Solstad Offshore and Omega Subsea.
  • The aim was to make joint investments in ROV systems and associated equipment.
  • In 2022, investments were made in two HD ROV systems from the supplier Schilling Robotics (US); both systems were delivered in 2022 and are now mobilized on board the Solstad vessel Normand Frontier.
  • Learn more about Omega Subsea on their website

Since 2012, Omega Subsea has housed a team with significant experience in the subsea contracting industry. The ROV Management Services combines this expertise and experience with a forward-thinking approach to address industry challenges. This strategy has supported the expansion of equipment range and the development of expertise and market presence. 

“Our focus on ROV operations is multifaceted. We do more than just manage and maintain equipment; we also prioritize providing skilled personnel to operate these systems.”  

“Planning and executing maintenance and audit services are also crucial parts of our work. This ensures that the ROV systems are not only technologically advanced, but also operationally ready and compliant with industry standards,” Widme explains. 

The ROV Management Service at Omega Subsea contributes to the industry by assisting in the revision and implementation of ROV-specific procedures and processes. This effort is complemented by their work in sourcing suitable ROV tooling and equipment, tailored to meet the varied requirements of different projects. 

“Our growth in the ROV field reflects our commitment to keeping pace with technological changes and operational demands. Our goal is to adapt to the evolving needs of diverse industries like oil, gas, renewables, and decomissioning, striving to be a dependable and thoughtful participant in the ROV community. We look forward to leveraging new technology and expanding our market presence,” he concludes. 

Frank Juven Widme, who leads the ROV Management Services at Omega Subsea, collaborates closely with his colleagues Kjetil Hovland, Project Manager.