The Advantage of continuing education

Published: 01.11.10 (updated: 14.03.11)

Omega’s Advantage programme may be best known for its teambuildings and accommodation offers, but it also has the potential to assist you in your future studies.

Illustration showing teacher and pupil Do you have many years’ experience from the workplace and wish to strengthen your academic base in order to perform your job even better? Or do you wish to increase your competency within a specific field?

Continuing education is a growing segment that is being addressed by most colleges and universities, and every year more opportunities are being offered. The common denominator is that these studies can be combined with a full time job. The usual method of study is through evening classes or online lectures, often in combination with weekend gatherings to further enhance the learning process.

Through Omega’s Advantage programme you may be able to receive a refund for the expenses you incur, as long as the classes you take are considered relevant to your job. Contact your Omega Manager for class/course approval before you sign up. An individual assessment will be done to determine if you qualify for this offer.

Example courses