Consultant stories: Oddvar André Nordal

Motivated by creating value

“As a consultant, you learn something new on each and every project you visit. I like that,” says Omega 365 Consultant, Oddvar André Nordal.

Oddvar André Nordal finds his job exciting and enjoys the challenges that comes with the job.

Oddvar André Nordal brought with him varied experience from exciting industrial projects and did not necessarily dream of working as a consultant. That was before a client's project manager called, which turned out to be the start of a 15-year career in Omega 365.

“It was simpler in those days when the project manager often contacted people they thought would be suitable for the job. This is how I got into the Omega 365 system, and got to know this amazing group,” says Oddvar André. 

When asked why he stayed in Omega 365 for 15 years, Oddvar André replies;

 “I like to be busy in my daily life, and this job is never boring. There are many challenges, and you are not in the same location or assignment for a long time. In addition, you are always involved in building something that creates value. It is very rewarding,” says Oddvar André. 

“I feel very comfortable in the Omega 365 system. It's a great company to work for and is actually the best workplace I've ever had. And who knows what opportunities will arise? I usually joke that one day I will take over Johannes's position as Department Manager,” said Oddvar André laughing heartily.

Fast turnarounds

His Department Manager in Omega 365, Johannes Eide, has nothing but good things to say about Oddvar André. 

“Through several projects, Oddvar has been an incredibly great ambassador for Omega 365. He is someone we in Norwegian  call "solid wood". Our customers give fantastic feedback on his professional and personal contributions,” said Johannes. 

Oddvar André reflects on everyday life as a consultant, where he often meets former colleagues on new projects. Opportunities are waiting in line, especially if you are willing to move around and travel for work. For example, he was working in Korea for a time on the Johan Sverdrup project. And even though offers of permanent employment and ownership in several companies appeared, he remained in the Omega 365 system. 

“I tend to say that we consultants are modern-day builders. We travel around on assignments all the time and meet quite often. It is pleasant. I also think we must be screwed together in a slightly special way than others who prefer to work 7-15 every day and have every weekend off. Of course, we are happy to deliver quickly if the project requires it, fortunately the flexibility goes both ways."

Exciting job

Oddvar André now commutes daily from Haugesund to his job as MC Manager on the Balder Future project, where work is being done on upgrading the production ship Jotun FPSO in Stavanger. In those weeks when his daughter lives at home, he has more flexibility and room to have days at the home office. 

“As MC Manager, it is also important that I am close to those who work with MC check-out on the project and that I get all the details. Because of this, I can't sit at the home office often even though we have a close dialogue all day anyway. I am a multi-discipline MC manager, which means that I manage the work with MC check-out on all disciplines in the project before the ship is delivered to commissioning and testing.”

“This job has given me broad insight into many fields that I didn't know much about before,” Oddvar André added. 

Varied background

Oddvar André can eventually look back on a varied and diverse career. He is a trained electrician and did his apprenticeship at Siemens Haugesund, and has helped start up the electrical department in the Technical Bureau, among other things. 

“The need to try something different came after a few years. I was probably tired of pulling cables, which is often the main task when you are an electrician in the industry. Then I was asked if I wanted to become a construction manager for the clothing franchise B.young's stores in Norway. I coordinated all disciplines in the projects, and was involved right up to the actual clothes being rolled into the store. I helped build 62 stores all over the country. It was a great time,” said Oddvar André. 

After that, he spent a few years in Solar Haugesund as a sales manager for retail aimed at the offshore industry, before his career in Omega 365 started. In recent years, he has also studied HSE at a technical vocational school to strengthen his competence further.

Likes challenges

Challenges at work are something he enjoys and is happy to make an extra effort to solve the tasks that arise. 

“I enjoy getting the project moving and greasing the cogs of the contractor. That is what I value most about the consultant job at Omega 365,” said Oddvar André. 

He also points out that he has taken advantage of the benefits of Omega 365’s Advantage program, where all employees can travel on teambuilding or book cabins and holiday houses worldwide. 

“I have traveled to Liverpool and Svalbard on team events. And in August, there will be a trip to Brimiland. So, that will be fun,” said Oddvar André.

Even with a varied and exciting work life, taking time off from work is important. Oddvar André has found good ways of balancing work and life;

“We recently bought an apartment in the ski area Røldal, Norway. The whole family likes skiing, so I am looking forward to that. I will even manage to travel without my PC,” says the committed consultant.