Children's home nears completion

Published: 03.08.06

The coming winter will be nothing like the last for the (approximately) 40 homeless children and orphans who will soon call the new mother and child centre in Korosten (Ukraine) home, thanks to your generosity!

As the latest photos from Omega's community project in the Ukraine show, the mother and child centre is well on its way to completion as summertime winds up.

Rooms are not only built, but are already wallpapered, furnished and adorned with toys and games for the children who will soon call it home. The fully-equipped cafeteria will put an end to hunger pains; piles of bed linen, towels, clothes and laundry facilities will offer clean clothes and bedding...a welcome change to life on the streets.

Based in a child-friendly location away from the dangers and temptations of the city centre, the mother and child centre will offer needy children a retreat from the issues many of them have had to deal with far too early in life.

One of Omega's contacts in Korosten, Sergiy Kovalchuk, told Omega that the vision for the centre when it is full and functioning is that it should act as something of a family home, where children can feel that they are finally part of a real, secure family unit.

'It is absolutely fantastic that we can take in children and offer them this little paradise,' he said.

Following Annbjørg Lunde's (wife of Chairman, Sigmund Lunde) visit to Korosten in 2003, Omega was moved by the plight of the local children to the extent that we entered into a three-year joint venture (administrated by THK Stiftelsen) to fund the establishment of a mother and child centre in the area.

For the last three Christmases, Omega's employees have said no thank you to Christmas presents from the company, instead agreeing to have the associated funds go towards the building of the mother and child centre.

Just a few years down the track, it is almost time for the children to move in and make the most of the 'house that Omega built'. We look forward to bringing you more news and images from Korosten when they do!