Team milestones and celebrations

Omega 365 enters 2024 having set two new milestones in the number of team members, reaching both 2100 and 2200 colleagues in the last month.

The Haugesund office celebrated with cake and invited new colleagues from Omega 365 Protek to join in for a Christmas lunch.

In December 2023, Omega 365 experienced substantial growth after Omega 365 Consulting welcomed 100 new team members following the acquisition of PDS Protek and PDS Consult. This acquisition, aimed at strengthening their presence in the engineering and consulting sectors, was celebrated earlier in the month in Haugesund, Norway. Along with this expansion, additional companies within Omega 365 also welcomed new team members in the same month, setting a new record for the most team members added in a single month.

On Thursday, 21 December, both new and existing colleagues celebrated with cake and a festive atmosphere at several offices