Arctic teambuilding in Alta

Last weekend, 28 team members from Omega 365 went on an Advantage teambuilding filled with Arctic experiences in Alta, Norway. The trip included a night in an igloo hotel, fine restaurants, and several arctic activities.

Published: 20 March 2024
Colleagues from Omega 365 embarked on a teambuilding trip to Alta, where they had the chance to participate in activities like snowmobile safaris, sleigh rides with reindeer, and engaging experiences in Sami culture.

The weekend was spent at and around the Sorrisniva Hotel, located 20 minutes from the center of Alta city, with the Alta River and wilderness as its nearest neighbors. The participants spent the first night in a section of the hotel constructed entirely of ice and snow.

“The ice hotel was unique and fascinating. It was first built in the year 2000 and has been set up every year since. You can see that skilled local craftsmen create it all, both the building itself and the ice sculptures, an ice bar, and a beautiful ice chapel where it has become popular to hold weddings and baptisms,” says Yvonne Sandgren, a participant in the trip and an employee at Business Support.

At the hotel, guests received a tour, which was followed by a gathering to share the latest news and developments in Omega 365. The evening concluded with a group dinner at Maku Restaurant, where team members had the opportunity to get to know each other better. They shared ideas and strengthened collaboration between subsidiaries and team members, all while enjoying the good food.

“At Maku Restaurant, we were served local delicacies that included puffed fish skin, halibut, salmon, reindeer, and cloudberries, along with a variety of delicious accompaniments,” Sandgren shares.  

Saturday included a variety of group activities focusing on learning and networking among the participants. 

“After a hearty breakfast, we were ready for the day's activities, which included snowmobile safaris, sled rides with reindeer, and Sami cultural experiences. On the snowmobile tour, it felt as though we experienced all four seasons. Later, gathered around the fire in a crowded lavvu, we delved into Sami culture and lifestyle. Inside the lavvu, we enjoyed freshly brewed coffee from a kettle and were treated to joiking, the traditional music of the Sami, which served both as entertainment and a sing-along.” 

The day ended with another relaxing group dinner, this time at Lavvu restaurant, providing opportunities to get to know more of the team members at Omega 365. On the menu were beef, cod, and pears with local accompaniments. On Sunday, participants could enjoy Sorrisniva on their own before heading home.