Omega 365 welcomes new board members

Omega 365 welcomes new members to the Omega 365 Group Board. Iselin Nybø, Børge Hald, Lars Langsrud, and Johnny Vik will bring additional expertise and perspective to the company's development.

Published: 02 August 2023
From left to right: Petter Aalvik, CEO of Omega 365; Tor Eling Lunde, co-founder of Omega 365 and board member; Lars Langsrud, board member; Johnny Vik, Department Manager at Omega 365 Soluitions and board member; Iselin Nybø, board member; and Børge Hald, board member. Co-founder and Chairman Sigmund Lunde is not present in the photo.

The new board now includes Iselin Nybø, lawyer and former Minister of Trade and Industry in Norway, and Børge Hald, the co-founder and former CEO of the Silicon Valley-based software company Medallia. Additionally, Lars Langsrud, one of the founding partners of Alpha Corporate Finance with extensive knowledge in international investment banking, has joined the Omega 365 Group Board.

“I think it's important to include new board members with different backgrounds. Having external forces on the board can be very beneficial; these three individuals all possess important and diverse competencies that will be crucial for the development of the company moving forward,” says co-founder of Omega 365, Tor Erling Lunde.

Johnny Vik, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions in Ølensvåg, is also a new addition to the board. With 25 years of experience at Omega 365, he has contributed to the establishment of several international offices. Co-founders Sigmund Lunde and Tor Erling Lunde will continue to serve on the board, with Sigmund Lunde remaining as Chairman.

“Omega currently has a significant portion of its revenue coming from the energy industry. I believe that a crucial task for the board and the company is to work towards sustaining growth in the green energy sector, as well as in industries such as infrastructure and construction. This growth applies to both software and services, while remaining committed to maintaining the core values we have in Omega 365. As someone from the software division of the company, I am particularly excited to collaborate with the rest of the board and the company to further develop strategies and plans for the future of our software products,” says Vik.

Diverse skillset

“This is a very exciting company, and I am looking forward to being part of developing the company further,” states Iselin Nybø.

The former Liberal Party politician and Minister of Trade and Industry in Norway is currently a partner and head of the labor law group at the law firm Schjødt. She commutes between the branch offices in Oslo and Stavanger, where she resides.

“I am fascinated by what can be achieved in Ølensvåg, where Omega 365 is one of several prominent companies,” she adds.

Lars Langsrud, who is currently based in Oslo and regularly works with international investment banking, has been following Omega 365 for many years and is greatly impressed by the company's development.

“I am incredibly excited to learn more about Omega 365 and the people who work here. The company is facing significant opportunities, both nationally and internationally, and I look forward to contributing,” he affirms.

International focus

Langsrud points out that Omega 365 is well-positioned at the intersection of software and consulting services.

“These are two industries I have worked extensively with on a daily basis, and they pique my curiosity. In my perspective, one of the most exciting aspects of Omega 365 is whether the company can successfully transition from being a Norwegian project specialist in the oil and gas industry to becoming an international leading provider of services and software across multiple industries. I believe the conditions are well set for that,” he says.

“My first priority is to dedicate time to learn more about the company and the plans that have been laid out,” Langsrud concludes enthusiastically.

Impressive growth

“The new board members have excelled in their respective fields and have gained highly relevant experience. I believe the board will reach good decisions in their governance work, based on valuable input from us within the organization, and contribute with engaging discussions and wise choices,” says Petter Aalvik, CEO of Omega 365.

Tor Erling Lunde also underscores the board's potential as a valuable tool for governance.

“The board plays a pivotal role in monitoring our progress and ensuring that we make the right decisions. Now that we have grown to a significant size, choosing the correct path is vital. Making the wrong choices can be costly,” Lunde emphasizes.

The Omega 365 Group recently achieved a new milestone, as the number of employees surpassed 2000. Comprising 22 companies across 26 offices worldwide, Omega 365 continues to expand its global reach.

“We have a great responsibility for the company and everyone working here. It is impressive that we have now exceeded 2000 employees, but this growth will continue in the future, which may present challenges. That's where the board becomes a vital governance body,” Lunde adds.

Omega 365 Group Board

Sigmund Lunde

Chairman of the Board 

Sigmund Lunde is a co-founder of the company that is now known as Omega 365. With over 30 years of experience in project management and systems development, Lunde has played a crucial role in the advancement of Omega 365's cutting-edge systems, including Omega 365, Pims, and HMSREG. Lunde currently leads Omega 365 Core, which is responsible for the development and maintenance of core technology for the Omega 365 Group. 

Lunde's technical background with degrees in Civil Engineering and Petroleum Engineering from Stavanger Ingeniørhøgskole, combined with his solution-oriented mindset, contribute to his expertise in the field. Currently residing and working in Ølensvåg, Norway, Lunde continues to make significant contributions to Omega 365. 

Tor Erling Lunde

Board member 

Tor Erling Lunde is a co-founder of the company now known as Omega 365, along with his brother, Sigmund Lunde. Lunde has more than 40 years of experience working with project management, during which he has held several different leadership positions. His extensive experience in managing domestic and international projects has played an essential role in shaping and maintaining Omega 365's project management systems, making them a world-class standard. In addition, Lunde started and has since played a crucial role in developing Omega 365 Consulting.

Currently, Lunde works in business development, engaging closely with existing and new clients to ensure that Omega 365's capabilities are used efficiently. A fundamental aspect of Lunde's philosophy emphasizes the importance of a robust comprehension of the business. This understanding serves as a cornerstone for Omega 365, facilitating close collaboration with clients and users. The aim is to deliver streamlined systems with optimal working processes; this, in turn, ensures meticulously managed and highly efficient project execution.

Lunde holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stavanger Ingeniørhøyskole. He currently lives and works in Bergen, Norway.

Johnny Vik

Board member 

Johnny Vik is a Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions in Ølensvåg, Norway, where he oversees the operations of the Omega 365 Academy. In this role, he plays a pivotal part in fostering knowledge development and sharing among Omega 365 resources, enabling the company to effectively meet the growing demand for its solutions and expertise. With over 25 years of experience in Omega 365, Vik has made significant contributions to software development both internally and while working on assignments for clients. He has provided valuable user-based feedback to software development processes and maintained strong client relations. Vik has also played a pioneering role in establishing Omega 365's offices in Canada, USA, France, and Australia, enabling the company to establish a long-lasting presence in these regions. 

With a diverse educational background, he has pursued studies in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Management, and Psychology at the University of Bergen. Residing in Ølen, Norway, Vik is based at the Omega 365 headquarters located in Ølensvåg. 

Iselin Nybø 

Board member  

Iselin Nybø brings extensive experience in policy making and public decision-making processes, gained through her previous roles as Minister of Trade and Industry (2020-2021), Minister of Research and Higher Education (2018-2020), and Member of Parliament in Norway (2013-2017). Currently serving as the Head of the employment law practice group at Schjødt, she offers valuable advisory services to clients across diverse business sectors, as a trusted consultant for multiple companies. Nybø's areas of expertise encompass trade and industry, as well as crisis management. 

Having graduated from the University of Bergen, Nybø is based in Stavanger, where she divides her time between offices in Stavanger and Oslo. 

Lars Langsrud

Board member  

Lars Langsrud is a founding partner at Alpha Corporate Finance, boasting extensive expertise in the field of international investment banking. With a robust background spanning six years at Morgan Stanley, Langsrud played a pivotal role in overseeing global transactions in both New York and London. Following his tenure at Morgan Stanley, he assumed leadership at Danske Markets Corporate Finance (DMCF) in Oslo, where he successfully guided the organization for seven years. 

Langsrud's educational accomplishments include a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Michigan, where he graduated with high honors, as well as an MBA from INSEAD. Currently based in Oslo, Norway, he continues to make significant contributions to the finance industry. 

Børge Hald

Board member 

Børge Hald is a prominent figure in the global technology industry as the co-founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley-based software company Medallia from 2001-2021.  Medallia is a leading software company specializing in real-time tools aimed at enhancing the customer experience. With Hald at the helm, Medallia pioneered a cloud platform that enables businesses to gather valuable customer feedback and leverage data analytics for continuous innovation, revenue growth, and churn reduction. 

Hald holds an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and is currently based in California, USA.