Omega 365’s goal is to avoid incidents, injuries, and losses completely. This includes personal injury and environmental damage. We believe all accidents have a cause, and can be avoided through the systematic and careful implementation of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) measures.

In addition to avoiding incidents, injuries and losses, our commitment to HSE contributes to promoting welfare and job satisfaction among our employees, stimulating the individual employee’s professional and personal growth, and detecting improving unsatisfactory work conditions.

Workplace Training

In order to achieve our primary goal of no injuries, Omega 365 focuses on risk control, accident prevention, and training. All new employees undergo an interactive HSE course with exams. The course shall at all times meet the requirements of the oil & gas industry, and it is the same course given to all oil & gas personnel going offshore. In addition to this, all personnel are given the following training:

  • HSE policy and practice at Omega 365
  • Emergency plan at Omega 365
  • General HSE requirements at Omega 365

Furthermore, employees have annual discussions with their Business Unit Manager, and updates with HSE tips and reminders are sent out via e-mail and intranet on a regular basis.

The Omega 365 Workplace

Omega 365 is devoted to the creation and facilitation of innovative and diverse workplaces, where everyone looks forward to coming to work.

Our workplace environments are designed to support our employees’ intellectual and social development.

It is our belief that an open, engaged, and solution-oriented workforce is best achieved in a face-to-face environment. Home offices are therefore only used for short periods under special circumstances, following the approval of an employee’s manager.

Preventing Substance Abuse

Omega 365 is strongly committed to being an AKAN company (AKAN - The resource centre for substance abuse and addiction problems). This means the Substance Abuse Policy will be an important supplement to the HSE policy. The benefits of this are numerous. First and foremost, safety is the primary concern of Omega 365, and substance use and abuse is a serious threat to our safe operations. It also contributes to lower employee morale and it weakens the company’s reputation.

The Substance Abuse Policy and corresponding efforts are effective tools not only to prevent substance abuse in the workplace, but also to help employees with substance abuse issues. The department managers have full confidentiality in issues of this nature. Omega 365 has appointed an AKAN contact out of the AMU committee to assist department managers in the AKAN work.

Focus On Ethics

Omega 365 employees are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity, and are therefore required to familiarize themselves with the Ethics Policy. Our company’s Ethics Policy is built around our core values; respect for the individual, uncompromising integrity, honesty, and reliability. Some of the employees’ responsibilities under the Ethics Policy are:

  • abiding by applicable laws, regulations and policies
  • actively promoting honesty and integrity
  • maintaining impartiality in all business dealings
  • not engaging in corrupt activity or permitting bribery
  • reporting potential conflicts of interest to management as soon as possible

Emergency Plan

Prevention of harmful incidents is key in the HSE work at Omega 365. However, if an emergency should occur, we have an extensive and detailed plan in place for handling the situation. There is an ordered list of persons who should get the first notice, and all incidents are reported and evaluated at management meetings.