About Omega 365

At Omega 365, our mission is to improve project performance, especially in complex environments where multidisciplinary teams collaborate across various locations and project phases. We strive to achieve this by leveraging our expert project personnel resources and advanced project management systems. 

In project personnel, Omega 365 currently deploys over 1000 consultants in 20 countries, supporting diverse sectors globally, including engineering, IT, project management, construction, infrastructure, subsea, and maritime operations, contributing to project success.  

The software business features an innovative global team of approximately 450 technical professionals. With a 30-year history of delivering the Pims project management tool in the oil and gas sector, Omega 365 has also established a strong presence in construction, infrastructure, renewables, and the public sector. The company is poised for substantial international expansion, introducing its popular cloud-based solution, Omega 365, to a wider audience.  

Within subsea services, Omega Subsea is a leading provider of personnel in global subsea services, specializing in project management and onshore/offshore staffing for ROV, inspection, and marine/subsea operations. In 2022, the company initiated an industrial collaboration for joint investments in ROV systems and related equipment.  

Omega 365 companies also offer IT consultancy, architecture and engineering services, urban and community planning, as well as design and communication services.  To ensure a strong local presence worldwide, Omega 365 operates offices in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Lithuania, France, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Guyana, and Suriname, in addition to the company's 11 offices in Norway.  

With an employee base of approximately 2200 professionals, Omega 365 is committed to being 'Big enough to deliver – small enough to care' for its employees, consultants, customers, and communities worldwide.